British PM Truss defends economic plan that sent pound tumbling


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Liz the builder. Not exactly a credible look.

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She legislates an inflationary economic stimulus while the BOE is simultaneously raising interest rates attempting to reduce inflation. Giving the wealthy large tax breaks are not going to solve UKs problems. It is multiple supply disruptions creating shortages that are driving inflation. Cutting taxes will not solve that problem and in any event the main benefactors of this tax cut are not going to spend or invest all the money saved. It will sit in banks with the rest of their wealth.

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Britons will be very sorry to choose a pouting little girl like "Liz", she likes cosplay. Not long ago she postured on a Challenger tank, very much resemble like Mrs. Thatcher in 1986, now she is a construction fact she has NO political talents or economic common sense at all !

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A true blue modern day Robbin' da Hood .... Rob the Poor to feed the Rich!

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British PM Truss defends economic plan that sent pound tumbling:

Unfortunately, instead of spearheading for an economic boost, she has begun to downslide the pound.

Now talkative premier is shouldering the real heavy responsibility for UK, she should learn to behave like one..

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With whom do you Trust ?

That's an open question.

We can trust one person for one thing, but not another.... that is reasonable. For example, I could trust person A for looking after my Kids, but I wouldn't entrust them with looking after my Finances....

The question, is applicable also, from the perspective of the UK PM. She has entrusted the UK's finances to a person, whom she supported to be in the position that he is in now. However, like anything in Politics, how long will that last, especially when the Majority of the Voting population appears to be against decisions being made....

And, if the PM continues to support an unpopular choice, what will happen, when the scrutiny turns upon themselves ? A personal history that, is unbecoming of a PM ? Surely that may not look good upon the establishment.

Political uncertainty within a Country is not a good thing. The coming weeks, will determine whether or not, the present PM is actually made of the stuff that makes a good PM or not.

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For once I assure you, this "wannabe Thatcher" will be overwhelmed and surpassed with the crumbling of the UK..

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