British PM Johnson could face leadership challenge this week: Times


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Why we have to wait, why not today?

unfortunately the next one was highly likely to have been fined for attending numerous toff parties during lockdowns where you couldn’t visit your own mother for Xmas lunuch.

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Boris Johnson is an imbecile, lacking any visible leadership skills. I cannot point to any discernible qualities in the fellow. Not one

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The encouraging thing is, it looks like many Conservatives agree with you. Methinks the Order of the Boot doth beckon Boris, and soon.

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BigYen, depends on the timing of the vote. There are two byelections Wakefield and Tiverton. 23rd June

End of June would indicate the party want rid of Johnson.

As both constituencies are expected to fall to opposition parties. So it would follow a humiliating loss, numbers wise, would seal his fate.

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And who would replace him ?

Ricky Gervais.

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Embattled Johnson could face leadership challenge this week:

Since the undignified UK premier refuses to step down a few times, the only way to remove him is to elect a new Tory leader.

That would make him truly embarrassing if not utterly disgraceful.

Would he opt for that..?

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NotSo HungOver

Today 01:02 pm JST

And who would replace him ?

There are something like 350 other Conservative MPs. If we're to believe they're all even more useless than Boris Johnson, none of them should be re-elected.

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