British PM Truss sticks by economic plan as her party worries


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British PM Truss sticks by economic plan as her party worries

Globally, when one of these conservative hacks get into power virtually all of their policy measures are abject failures.

The one that without fail is enshrined and rarely reversed is corporate and 1 percent tax cuts ad kickbaks.

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Borrowing money to fund a tax cut for the rich does not send the people the right message while they struggle to pay for their energy and put food on the table. Many seek a second job to try and make ends meet.

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Truss said she would “do what I can to win the hearts and minds of my colleagues across the Conservative Party” — but that doesn't appear to include changing course.

Truss is not worried about sending "the people" any message. Just worried about what her peers think.

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quote: It was a decision the chancellor made.

Headline: Man thrown under bus in Westminster.

There are signs she may actually lose the parliamentary vote on her 'mini-budget'. That would equate to a vote of no confidence, and at the very least, Kwarteng would be out.

Truss is already as unpopular at Boris was when they kicked him out, and every morning when Labour MPs get out of bed, they find that a good night's sleep had given them another boost in the opinion polls.

The Tories picked the wrong replacement and have got even worse. Once interest rates start going up courtesy of Trussconomics, they will be finished.

Labour are planning their first cabinet, whilst activists are wondering whether the Tories will win any seats at all at the next election. With a bit of co-ordination, that might now be possible. Net zero at Westminster.

Amusing that they are blaming Putin for all this, as Truss is as unpopular as he is now, and those sanctions look dumber every day. The Rouble is fine, Sterling is crashing.

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Wallace,the sterling is sinking like a stone

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Tories on the brink of 45p tax-u-turn? PM and Kwarteng are set to DELAY controversial move until MPs are told how £45bn gap will be plugged in November as row threatens to overshadow party conference.

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this dont need comment at all.UK is heading to serious financial and economic trouble.

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PM Truss sticks by economic plan:

Obstinate Truss is bulldozing her dubious economic policy despite knowing it could cause more turmoil on financial market.

BoE is forced to intervene.

Yet she insists the problems were due to global spike in inflation & energy prices spurred by war..

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I think both she and her Chancellor can look forward to having a quiet Xmas at home without the responsibilities of government weighing on their minds.

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Major flip flop by British Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng as he does a U-turn on the 45% tax cut for the highest earners.

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