Truss stands by 'disruption' agenda despite Tory doubts


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She is a phony, loooooool !!..

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I watched some (not all) of the speech last night.

From a "Message" perspective it was just clueless. In an environment where people are choosing between energy and food, tax cuts are the answer in the short term? Really?

Even as a pro-business MBA, I think this is just about the dumbest thing I have heard in a while. In an environment when lower income workers are struggling to meet basic necessities, tax cuts are totally irrelevant since they do not pay a high level of taxes in the first place. Furthermore, earners at the top end don't really need a tax cut (which is different from "wanting" a tax cut) and SOMEBODY has to pay for services.

Nobody blames the rich for being rich. But they should pay more because they can.

So this whole "Trickle-down" message was not only bad from a policy perspective, it was utterly tone-deaf.

From a "Messenger" prespective, oh dear God, where to start?

I will be blunt. Liz looks dumb. I mean stupid-dumb. "Vapid" is too polite a term for the blank look she has for her normal face.

I NEVER thought that there would be a more inept British politician and BOJO or a less qualified more sterotyped cringe-worthy female politician than Palin, but here we are....

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The country needs a strong leader with the worse crisis in decades. The people need real help, not tickle-down comics. She is not the leader the country needs.

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On the BBC this morning, you should have seen how fast she ran to the car like a criminal getting away from a robbery. She literally dove into the backseat. I have not seen a politician run that fast from a scene (wearing heels no less) since the GOP members during Jan. 6.

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Jolly old England,will not be so jolly for Christmas,they will welcome a lump of coal from Santa ,just to keep warm, Wallace was depressing when you live there

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Wallace,when the Democrats gain a veto majority in the Senate,they are gonna pump billion in new rounds of stimulus into the US economy,this is answer to your response

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I don’t think broadcasters or commutators would debate that Liz Truss, not for one moment could be confused with a competent public speaker.

Yesterday Truss so called career saving conference speech barely made 30 minutes, and was wooden, to the point of a cure for insomnia.

The speech was forced, to the point of phony, devoid of detail, just a monotonous wish list.

One fact, UK need to chance course.

Before the much-maligned tax cutting mini budget, and I agree the miserly 1 penny off the basic rate of income tax averaging a paltry £170ish annually for the lowest paid, UK has one of the most swinging rates of taxation in Europe.

How have government revenues changed over time?               

UK tax revenue is forecast to reach its highest sustained level since the aftermath of the Second World War. One major trend since the 1970s has been a shift towards VAT.

VAT is one of the most regressive forms of taxation.

Another point to mention this AP Jill Lawless article is misleading, failing to full take into perspective Europe economic malaise, the ECB, BOE reluctance to raise interest rate to counter rampant levels of inflation     

Euro area annual inflation up to 10.0% - European Union

Also, it appears that the German government is about to undercut every EU/UK economy, EU members states are locked into the tight restraints of the Euro.   

Tensions flare over the EU’s new irresponsible big spender: Germany

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A 10% VAT cut would help more people than a tax cut for the rich.

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The tax U turn came, several hours after saying on TV that she was absolutely committed to it, because she was told her own MPs wouldn't vote for it. The U turn had nothing to do with public opinion or the reaction of the markets. Truss is already in a weak position where she has a majority but is not in control of it.

Boris Johnson was turfed out by the same MPs, but only because they were sick about having to cover for him about the lockdown parties and him promoting a known sexual harasser. They didn't turf him out about his policies. They were happy with them. Truss could have pitched herself as a successor to Johnson, the same policies but with better behaviour, but has decided to rip it all up. This is a high risk strategy and already off to a very bad start. The traditional strength of the Conservative Party is its unity, but Truss is a divisive, not a unifying figure. She only narrowly scraped second among MPs in the leadership election, so this "I'm the boss now" act shows a great lack of self-awareness.

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The whole UK system of taxation needs to be ripped up and a top to bottom process of realignment.

VAT needs to be abolished completely. The lowest paid should not have to fork out at the same level as the most wealthy in society.

There also has to be a honest genuine level playing field when politicians start waffling on about asperation, because it just weasel word to suggest we are all born with the same opportunities.

Some are clearly more equal than others.

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That photo should have a health warning attached, it is enough to make me want to start kicking the furniture.

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Making a virtue of incompetence and stupidity won't end well. Truss is just digging a deeper grave for her party. Apparently one halfwit Tory PM wasn't enough for them. If she knew what people thought of her, she would have quit by now.

Aside from overseeing the collapse in sterling, which has done even more to fuel inflation than the idiot sanctions, interest rates are rising, and they are dragging mortgage rates up, from 2% to 6% or more. Many fixed rate mortgages have vanished and homeowners are going to see seismic increases in their monthly payments very soon.

She is living the economic fantasy that Boris kicked off with his Brexit campaign promises. The tonnes of free money, the slam dunk US trade deal etc. But under the Tories everyone's lives and finances have got worse. Everything in the UK is considerably worse than it was. Even the most gullible are now seeing that they have been led off an economic cliff by liars and frauds. Sterling was $1.65. Johnson took it down to the $1.20s. It is now about $1.14 after coming close to parity. It is the key metric of Tory political failure.

Introducing austerity for the poor whilst handing the rich free money is really not going to go down well. Tories love conferences because they have a room full of supporters and get clapped. Outside that room, nobody believes in her or trusts her, and most of us are going beyond disgust to outright hatred of the damage the Tories have done to the nation.

In UK politics, mortgage rates are fundamental to Tory support. As they go up, Labour's lead will just get larger. And with these idiot policies, they will shoot up.

She was not elected by the British people. If she loses the vote in parliament over her idiot scheme to drag Britain closer to an IMF bailout, she will be expected to resign. It's about time the grown ups in the Tory party stepped in and called a halt to this farce.

Thatcher must be spinning in her grave at what the Tories have allowed themselves to sink to.

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Front on photo does not suit her, makes her look like a well used door mat.

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Front on photo does not suit her, makes her look like a well used door mat.

I would beg to differ. I think this picture reveals her for the "thank goodnes these shoes are heavy or my head would float away" level of vapid she actually is.

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The most damning thing I heard was from Andrew Marr ( by no means a leftie ) who sees this as worse than the Major government before it got destroyed in the 1997 election.. He made the point that Major’s cabinet was far better than this.

The Tory selling point that they are competent on the economy has been battered.

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thats all i can say and still stay polite.

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Truss falsely claimed she was the first PM to go to a comprehensive school. Lies.

The Conservative Party is in free fall, no pretence of solidarity. Look at the audience during Health Secretary Therese Coffey’s speech.

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Tax cut?

The IFS is a respected thinktank

IFS: Millions in Britain ‘face stealth tax raid’ under Liz Truss’s plans

For every £1 given workers by cutting tax rates £2 was being taken via freeze on income tax thresholds, thinktank calculates

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