UK, Canada condemn Chinese 'barbarism' against Uighur minority


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Would UK and Canadian leaders define 'barbarism' correctly?

Looks like only barbaric people would use the word against others in a wrong context.


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The ethnic minorities in China are now facing inhuman and barbaric situations. In China, Uyghur Muslims and other minorities do not feel safe. They are limited to getting adequate education. In prison-like camps, charitably called "re-education centres." authorities have arrested at least 1 million Uighurs. Critics have likened the campaign to ethnic cleansing. Hundreds of ethnic Uighur Muslims spend their days defending the Chinese Communist Party in a high-pressure brain washing programme where they are required to listen to lectures and sing hymns.

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EU and the US have to follow this example. Good on Canada and UK, principles!

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To think this is the same country that harps on Nanking.

"China cuts Uighur births with IUDs, abortion, sterilization

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Beijing has dismissed these charges, saying it is operating vocational training centers to counter Islamist radicalism following a series of attacks it attributed to the Muslim group.

If Beijing has nothing to hide, then let international monitors into the programme

Ya have to ask the question why they are not

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Do your part. Boycott anything made in China. Our respective governments do not have to lift a finger to make this happen and no amount of whining, foot stomping or threats from Beijing can stop you. I can't think of too many products that are only made in China, even electronics. Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore are home to many companies making cell phones and computers. If you are willing to pay for it there are wholly American made computers too from specialty companies you have probably never heard of. Clothing and footwear are made all over the world. You don't have to buy from China. Read labels and boxes carefully when you shop and if it says Made in China, set the item down and buy a product made elsewhere. Big middle finger to the middle kingdom.

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Read, learn and think about this:

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What China seems to be doing is basically cultural obliteration of the Uighur way of life.

Absolutely despicable.

I agree.Boycott them as much as possible

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