Britain blames 'heavy-handed' EU for Brexit deal problems


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Britain accuses the EU of being needlessly “purist” in implementing the agreement,

In other words the Europeans are not going to let the sleazy, dishonest, double talking Brits take advantage of them. Good for the EU !

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Businesses, political parties, the institutions, and indeed all in Northern Ireland face instability and disruption,” 

Do you want to know why Frosty? Look in the mirror. Brexit chickens coming home to roost and the droppings are starting to smell.

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britain, place of my birth.... always wanting their cake and eat it.... throw a tantrum why don't you.

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Staying in the EU = bad. "The bad EU this and that and this and that".

Leaving the EU = bad. "The bad EU this and that and that and that"

The EU has moved on from Brexit and it is simply a closed chapter, there is no need to keep opening the door. Britain should do the same, keep its promises to its citizens and let the door close with the EU exactly as they wanted it to. So far the only obstruction I see is on the UK side, but it is always easier to blame the EU.

If Britain fails to meet its settlement obligations, then it cannot expect leniency from the other side.

So suck it up, stop crying, start doing something and get over it FCOL

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You wanted out, you negotiated a deal to get out. You got out.

It’s not the EU’s fault that you were too short-sighted to see the consequences of your actions.

What happened to that English stiff upper lip?

Stop your caterwauling and fix your own issues for once.

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The Tories "took back control" to ride roughshod as of yore over the native working population they exploit, but "gave up control" in the councils of Europe. The Europeans are right to disregard the unjustified and unreasonable demands of the sore losers who gambled and lost. Now instead of paying the price for their expensive flutter, Brexit, it looks like the petulant ruling party is losing its mind as Johnson has the gall to tell the country that he is going to "have his cake and eat it"! The only thing I can see on the Tory banquet table is a ruddy big steaming plate of crow. Anyone for seconds?

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The short story is the Brits signed an agreement with the EU and now are not upholding their end of the deal. They are in material violation of it. They are in fact threatening to abrogate the deal altogether and blame this on the other party because the other party to the deal, which is fully meeting its obligations, are in the fervid minds of the Brits being too diligent on holding the British to their end of the deal. It is hard to imagine more detestable conduct on the part of a nation. This is the sort of behavior one expects from a third world dictatorship.

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He said unless there are major changes to the deal, Britain will invoke Article 16

Just do it then ! Can't care less honestly

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Oh this is rich.

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Brexit was sold as "people coming over here, taking our jobs", but instead it was "people coming over here doing valuable work that nobody else wants to do".

Now they have fuel and gas shortages because not enough people to drive trucks and tankers. They have shortages in hospitals.

Now they want to blame Europe for driving a hard bargain. I thought the Brexiteers said that they had all the leverage. Guess they don't.

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It is important to understand the nuisances of:

Northern Ireland protocol: Article 16

Also pay particular attention to annex 7 …..

Before undertaking such measures, however, the parties should follow the process set out in Annex 7 of the protocol. First, if either party is “considering” unilateral action, it must notify the other party as soon as possible through the UK–EU Joint Committee, the body established by the Withdrawal Agreement to oversee its implementation. At this point, both parties should enter negotiations to find a solution , though no measures can be implemented during the initial one-month negotiating period.

If negotiations fail and either party adopts unilateral measures, the other may take “proportionate rebalancing measures”. All measures are subject to review every three months, although each party can also request a review at any point.

Keeping in mind …...

The protocol does not define what constitutes either “serious economic, societal or environmental difficulties”, or a “diversion of trade”, so there remains ambiguity around threshold for taking unilateral measures.

It is a pointless to resort to the insistence that the UK Government must comply, it frankly hasn't,

The EU commission does not have the political influence to force an outcome.

What does remain is the British Government signed a treaty. To fail to comply to its terms is a serious breach of international law. No hiding place there.

The command document.....

Northern Ireland Protocol: the way forward

Section three: One way forward: our assessment of Article 16

Shows a clear intent to trigger article 16. Lord Frost tone at the conservative party conference, is indicative in referral to a damaging tit for tat trade war.

For goodness sake, nobody came over to the UK to quote "people coming over here, taking our jobs"

No, the EU people that filled these jobs were brutally ruthlessly exploited. Piece work, fake self employment.

A race to the bottom. A a group of six agricultural conglomerates. Never close to the minimum wage.

Read Angela Rayner's labour party conference speech

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The Tories love to boast that they are the party of "British values", a most dubious claim disputed by anyone who can see through the fake "patriotic" facade disguising their utter indifference to the welfare of the working population whose blood, sweat and tears keep the Tory rulers living in the comfort they are accustomed to. The one tradition the Tories always uphold, however, is the shameful reputation of "Perfidious Albion", as exemplified by the absence of good faith in dealing with the EU.

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"People coming over here doing valuable work that nobody else wants to do".

The question you need to address is why?

Piece-work means any system under which the minimum wage to which an employee is entitled is calculated solely on the quantity or output of work done, irrespective of the time spent on such work.

Then add in a form of temporary self employment. And pattern hours, that's 12 hour shifts

If the work is so valuable why pay sweatshop wages to the most venerable regardless of there nationality ???

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This guy Frost negotiated the deal he is now complaining about.

The agreed to this deal just so the could get Brexit through and now have the gall to complain about it

They didn't think about the consequences.

And with their inflated sense of importance think they can just change the rules.

Donnons-nous in break.

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The politicians who brought Brexit into being had a modus operandi of overpromising, then transferring (or rarely merely attempting to) the blame to the 'other guys', obfuscating the root cause of the issue, proclaiming that the solution was about to happen, and, if all else failed, burying the problem under other scandals and issues.

The problem is that these techniques aren't cutting it.

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It’s almost as if making a dumb decision by appealing to the racism and nationalism of the lowest rungs of society, all while living in a delusional fairy world where the sun never set of the Empire was a terrible foundation on which to build foreign policy.

By the way, how’s it going learning to drive your own trucks?

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If the six occupied counties referred to as "Northern Ireland" are such a "Nuisance" for the UK - then the UK should give those occupied six occupied "Nuisance"counties back to Ireland.

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When responsible leaders are encouraging both communities to cooperate wherever possible Frost has been claiming that cross-border trade in Ireland is wrong and should be avoided. He is a Tori bigot trying to stir-up trouble between the sides. No doubt if trouble arises from such comments he will be the first to patronizingly say "typical Irish, they cant get on with each other".

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