UK court blocks Assange's extradition to U.S.


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The truth will set you free.

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Claiming suicidal ideation can defeat an extradition request in the UK? Weak.

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Around the world, poll after poll has shown more people than live in the USA are shocked by Trump's abhorrent abuses of US law. Notwithstanding the legal arguments made as explained in this article, it should come as no surprise that a British Judge would not allow an extradition to any country run by a third world dictator like Tantrum Trump whose disregard for the law is a global joke.

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So this should now be over for Assange and released from prison.

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So this should now be over for Assange and released from prison

I hope not, he should watch his back night and day from here on. Traitor.

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I hope not, he should watch his back night and day from here on. Traitor.

Traitor against whom?

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Traitor against whom?

Figure it out.

He's a Putin stooge, appears on Russia propaganda chat shows, leaked classified info to nefarious actors that endanger lives of thousands serving the free world.

All before taking into account if the antics he got up to whilst hosted by the Ecuadorian eembassy.

Traitor to humanity for me.

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District Judge Vanessa Baraitser said the 49-year-old Australian publisher was a suicide risk if he was sent into custody across the Atlantic.

Assange was not subjected to extradition due to being a suicide risk

The court, however, didn't deny about the merit of the case against him

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The US cannot seriously expect the UK to comply with extradition requests for supposed espionage (exposing US war crimes), when it refuses to return to the UK an American guilty of fleeing the country after killing a UK teenager through criminal reckless driving.

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cleo, here here.

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Wow! Some good news for a change to start off the New Year. A decade of Assange's savage persecution has exposed the cruel vindictiveness and nauseating hypocrisy of politicians and their accomplices in government whose own guilt, although not expiated by the due process that justice demands, will forever be recorded by the historical record to remind future generations of another shameful chapter of these times when people who spoke truth to power were betrayed by their peers in the fourth estate and their fellow citizens, those proverbial "good men" who stood by and did nothing.

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