UK-EU Brexit spat over N Ireland clouds G7 leaders summit


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Merkel leaving Johnson hanging on the elbow smash.

Maybe if she hadn't let 1 million refugees flow into Europe unimpeded.

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Some things never last for long? (Or ‘editor’s choice’)

- “Hey, nobody got pushed aside, no handshake wars, no idiocy. How refreshing!”

This was a popular sentiment, just yesterday:

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson did the elbow banging. Selective photo. Stupid action anyway. Just greet and smile. All of the leaders and their attending staff are fully vaccinated as are the police and security forces.

No border between UK mainland and Northern Ireland. No border between Northern and Southern Ireland.

Northern Ireland has returned to a state of violent unrest.

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Northern Ireland has returned to a state of violent unrest.

It was as predictable as channel fog, but I'll admit being surprised how quickly the violence resumed. I figured it would take a couple of years to get going. The next inevitability is Scottish secession. The Brexiteers are blind zealots.

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Thanks for clarifications & comments @zichi 12:28pm:

- “German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson did the elbow banging.” -

It’s comforting to know she finally banged him back and Mr. Johnson wasn’t just left there hanging out.

- “Selective photo.”

Agreed. Seems like many of today’s accompanying photos are perhaps intended “to make him to look like a buffoon” or “someone’s drunk uncle” whilst the others ‘heads of state’ are depicted, perhaps, ‘more ‘stately’(?). Regardless, good to know their encounter was documented in photos somewhere and he wasn’t stiffed by any of his guests.

- “…elbow banging. Stupid action anyway. Just greet and smile” -

Agreed. ‘Fist bumps’ should be left to boxers, MMA fighters and personal trainers with clients, The “elbow bump” originated from guys eating saucy chicken wings at Hooters wanting to “high five” at every well-executed play.

Can’t wait for the normalhandshake’, universally-recognized as a amicable greeting between friends and even adversaries, can return.

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The EU is hell-bent on keeping their imperialist project going, and the Biden government was reckless enough to wade into the situation, siding with the EU. Another one in the long string of bad decisions since Jan.

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Johnson said some European leaders seemed not to understand “that the UK is a single country, a single territory. I just need to get that into their heads.”

That England, Wales and Scotland are playing as separate countries in the EUFA tournament might suggest it is not a single country.

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The UK is not a single country and being of Irish, Welsh and Scottish stock I would object strongly to that sleazy Englishman. Needs to go back to school. United Kindom is four countries. Northern Ireland. Wales. Scotland and England.

Two of those countries, Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain.

Britain or Great Britain are just three countries. England, Wales and Scotland.

There should not be any borders between those countries.

With the Good Friday Agreement, there are no borders between the South and North of Ireland.

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RE: "The EU is hell-bent on keeping their imperialist project going", above,

Clearly the UK is the "Imperialist" not the EU. The UK insistence on maintaining its occupation of Northern Ireland is a transparent continuance of their "imperialism." The more the British government insists on creating contexts for Unionists to get agitated, the more likely it is that violence will return as a consequence. The UK needs to end the traditional pandering to the bigoted Unionists and recognize the inevitable: The imposed apartheid British Northern Ireland state, that was the bigoted "Protestant state for protestant people" (epitomized by the DUP election (last week) of its new leader who insists the world started 6,000 years ago) is over, and good riddance to it. The pluralist, forward-looking open, free ROI makes NI look like North Korea. A United Ireland is the only solution.

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No border between UK mainland and Northern Ireland. No border between Northern and Southern Ireland.

Unfortunately the only way to cancel either is to cancel Brexit. Under international law, EU cannot give GB preferential treatment over other 3rd countries.

This whole Sausage Wars hullaballoo could be averted by re-adopting chilled meat standards that were perfectly acceptable for decades up to January 2021. Johnson needs to own that.

Northern Ireland has returned to a state of violent unrest.

As ever, NI's British identity Loyalists get their chains yanked by politicians who don't give two hoots about them, either in Westminster or within classist Ulster (6 of 9) unionism.

Whether it's Red, White and Blue or Green, White and Orange, you can't eat a flag.

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I think someone is telling more "pork-pies". Unionists have been demanding and campaigning for years that their pork and beef get the label "Irish Pork" or "Irish Beef" on packaging and advertising etc, because on the international market Irish pork and beef is considered to be the highest standard in the world. That's even though they demand that they themselves be "labelled" British. If that is not comical enough, now they demand that they cant live without "British" sausages (presumably those same meats that are of a "lessor standard" than their own "Irish" meats) or else there will be war???????? You gotta laugh. I'm laughing so much I'm breaking out in a rash here (No, I didn't say Rasher).

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