UK government 'ashamed' at poor rape conviction rates


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Absolutely deplorable!

*- “The Crown Persecution Service showed that suspects were convicted of rape or lesser sexual offenses — the lowest level since records began despite reports of rape to police almost ‘doubling’ since 2015.*

*- Of an est. 128,000 reported cases of rape or attempted rape each year, just 1.6% result in a charge… it found no one specific cause for the overall drop in prosecutions.” -*

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These numbers are on the same level with Japan! Women and girls in Tokyo will be all over this hypocrisy today, and rightfully so. - Shame!

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Interesting, typically we think that accused are innocent until proven guilty (except in Japan). The principle is to be inverted for certain types of crime?

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These numbers are on the same level with Japan! Women and girls in Tokyo will be all over this hypocrisy today, and rightfully so. - Shame!

128000 reported cases in a year far exceeds Japan even if how you cook the numbers like taking into consideration estimated 80~90% women don't even report in Japan. I am excluding molestation cases

which is not rape or attempted rape.

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There are too many rape cases in the West, and if the perpetrators are not acquitted, the prisons will soon be full.

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I checked the UK article.

It seems that 92% of crimes are never prosecuted in the UK.

The most common types of crimes that are prosecuted are sex crimes, where only 4% are prosecuted, and rape cases, where only 1.9% are prosecuted.

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Putting pressure on judges is not justice.

Change law if the will of the people. If not then the conviction rate means it is fair.

Remember more cases reported does not mean necessarily proportionally more victims.

Also it does not say if multiples cases can have one perprator because I believe serial rapers are the ones to go into prison only. If no past for the accused, then no credibility for the supposedly victim if no specific evidence. That is how justice works, innocent until proven guilty.

So how to improve otherwise ?

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Sexual Offences Act 2003…….

The Sexual Offences Act 2003, is detailed and clear on what constitutes rape.

All must be based on detection, evidence, not the statistical need to obtain a political goal.

The report set out recommendations such as reducing cross-examination of victims in court by conducting pre-recorded interviews and focusing more on the behaviors of the suspect rather than the accuser.

Buckland said he wanted to move away from “the obsessive focus on the credibility of the victim.” Emphasis should instead be put on the suspect’s offending past, to “help ensure decision-making is based on evidence, rather than subjective judgments of victim credibility,” the report said.

The above is open to all manner of interpretation, leading to the provision of ad hoc law.

 The presumption of innocence, the burden of proof.

There is no moving away from either.

The very basics.....

Judge or jury, as the case may be, must be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the person is guilty. Where there is a reasonable doubt, the person must be acquitted

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Britain’s government has apologized to rape victims for declining conviction levels - ministers are “deeply ashamed”..

It is a free and casual sex nation, there is no clear-cut definition for the word 'rape'.

What is there to be deeply ashamed of when some of the ministers themselves might have been involved..?

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It is a free and casual sex nation, there is no clear-cut definition for the word 'rape'.

Seriously, rape is clearly defined.

Crown commission to investigate and how to improve the current bad situation. Discussion with all the rape crisis people and victims of rape.

It can not continue.

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When a rape is reported the alleged victim is treated with caution to the nature of this heinous crime.

Every sensitive mean to gather crucial evidence is managed gently.

Report a rape or sexual assault

Britain’s government has apologized to rape victims for declining conviction levels, with senior cabinet ministers saying they're “deeply ashamed” by the downward trend in bringing sexual offenders to justice.

Cynically, contrived

Politically an attempt to divert attention away from one area that could have a detrimental affect to a conviction, or even a trail.

Social media, what's app, Facebook, Instagram, smartphone messaging, have clouded the whole issue of intent, and what can be constituted in law as rape, and statutory rape.

Also blurring the line between a vital conjecture, the act of a violent sexual assault and an consensual liaison.

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Let's face it. Rape or attempted rape, any other sexual assault kind of cases just not easy to prove guilty.

If " innocent until proven guilty" is the norm, this is the result

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kennyG, "innocent until proven guilty", in a civilized democratic society is a basic legal right that is accepted to be the norm.

Of course emotionally one would/could be tempted to forgo this right and just hang them high.

I like to believe we have got past the noodle western mentality, well almost.

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If " innocent until proven guilty" is the norm, this is the result

That's sick.

Imagine yourself being falsely accused.

Guilty until proven guilty is nonsense.

The police better get more skilled on gathering evidence and the use of forensics... We are in the 21st. century already.

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I hope more ability to read and understand from some posters

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In the UK, close to 99.9% of rapists are released without being prosecuted.

The West seems to be a paradise for sex offenders.


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The Government are directly at fault for this by cutting funding to the police, legal aid, victim services, the Crown Prosecution Service and the courts. Their crocodile tears make me sick. All parties with an interest in this report have said that it is weak and a missed opportunity to reform how sexual offence accusations are handled. Some of the recommendations are good, but will not be implemented for several years - why?

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There is unfettered access to legal aid for.....

Duncan Lewis Criminal Solicitors – Rape

An example above.

All have to follow jurisprudence, without prejudice.

To quote...

Without prejudice rule means that statements which are made in a genuine attempt to settle a dispute cannot be used in court as evidence of admissions against the party that made them.

However beware the US justice system ....

Rape Shield Legislation: Relevance, Prejudice and Judicial Discretion

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There is no unfettered access for legal aid, it is means tested and only a tiny number of solicitors now provide it. Currently there is just one firm offering legal aid for those in the Family Court system. They have to turn many people away, others are waiting years for their case to come up. Same with sexual and other offences.

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Luddite, the legal advice and support is clear, lets start with citizens advice.

Even of you are not ready to talk to the police. Counseling, rape survivors support.

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Citizens Advice? Did you google it and think it was the same as Legal Aid. You really are straw clutching. Nor is it the same as properly trained victim support.

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