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UK gov't refuses to give way on pay as nurses, medics strike


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I cannot see how it makes sense for government to be deciding these wage levels. It is not the Soviet Union right?

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Sunak also told the Daily Mail that double-digit public sector raises would drive inflation even higher, which would “make people poorer in the long run.”

At least half of Truss’ ideas were on target. This guy is way off.

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The government is calculating that public opinion will turn on the unions as people across the UK face postponed hospital appointments, canceled trains and travel delays during the winter holiday season. But opinion polls show a high level of support for the workers — especially nurses.

Yeah, the Tories have always relied on the bottom-of-the-barrel rightwing chauvinistic gutter press that is read by millions to spread their propaganda and gaslight the nation giving birth to Brexit, that paste glass jewel in the Tories' tawdry crown. This time their trusty bag of tricks won't work as millions are also suffering, like nurses, from the austerity and inflation resulting from Tory misgovernment. Unlike those ungrateful comfortably off Scrooges who mismanaged the Covid pandemic, many people have not forgotten the sacrifices of the nurses nor the memory of showing their appreciation by clapping for these essential workers.

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Both the RCN, and the BMA have independent review bodies ...


NHS Pay Review Body......


Review Body on Doctors' and Dentists'Remuneration


The independent pay review bodies were set to remove any political interference.

However the RCN and BMA have politically chosen/refused, point blank to accept their recommendation.

Both the government and the unions had agreed to accept both review bodies conclusions.

There is no justification for this strikes.

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The British government said Tuesday it will not offer more money to nurses and ambulance crews to end strikes that are piling pressure on an already overstretched health system.

Making the focus of austerity measures the front-line, underpaid workers in a global pandemic looks like peak late stage capitalism.

And Sunak is the perfect privileged stooge to do it.

Reheated Thatcherism never looks at corporate welfare or clawing back off-shored tax breaks to corporations as a means to make up for shortfalls.

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The heroes of the pandemic when every night at 6 pm people came out to applaud them.

The government refusing to meet with them shows their priority.

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However the RCN and BMA have politically chosen/refused, point blank to accept their recommendation.

They have gone the past two years with no pay raise, the current offer was delayed and all they are offered is a pinche 5% increase. Their real wages have fallen, especially in view of record high inflation in UK. They have been worked to the bone during the pandemic and that is all Squishy Rishi can offer them? And some internet tossers like to blame the doctors and nurses for giving them the middle finger.

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Brexit broke the UK economy. There is no fix for that. It was a one way street. Everyone suffers in consequence. No opt outs.

I don't see why the unions believe their sectors should be insulated from being poorer when everyone else will be (how many of their members voted for Brexit?). And I resent my income being hammered by their actions, especially when many of them earn more than I do.

Personally I hate both the government and the unions. Also the opposition, for years of weakness and failure, and because they will do no better when in power - they will just fail differently. Maybe the hate will keep me warm in the next expensive cold spell.

US inflation has dipped a little, but the UK's main problem remains the effects of Brexit, so it will be stuck with a broken economy when others perk up. Changing the government is not a fix. They will be in the same position. They will simply make different people suffer more or less within the small remit that they have. They can't spend much or they would repeat the Truss debacle, and inflation would rocket again.

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Anybody that are not sympathetic to a nurse, should never get sick and end up in a hospital

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UK will not offer more money to nurses & ambulance crews to end strikes that are piling pressure on an already overstretched NHS.

They are joining railway staff, passport officers & postal workers in UK’s biggest strike wave for decades, mainly due to the sluggish economy & soaring 10% inflation.

UK is decaying fast, beyond redemption..

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The rancid Tory party have backed themselves into a corner.

They know the NHS workers deserve a raise much higher than they are offering.

But if they do that then, the post office, border staff, rail workers, garbage collectors, barristers, teachers and basically everyone will demand the same.

They blew billions on their failed budget and faulty corona equipment.

And where's Johnson by the way.

Hardly been see since he went off in a sulk.

But conveniently it's reported he's made nearly a million pounds in guest speaking.

So why is it ok for the rich to make massive profits but the ordinary worker is supposed to accept a massive cut in their living standards.

Even a blind man would see something is wrong

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Strikes hurt everyone!

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Anybody that are not sympathetic to a nurse, should never get sick and end up in a hospital

That is the very first comment I ever gave you a + for, and that folks says something :)

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The toxicities of this political blame game are in danger of taking lives.

Desert, the failures of the present government to reform/restructure the system, management of the NHS, in particular, the shocking top-heavy bureaucracy

These trusts, their failure to reform an outdated and costly internal market dogma has starved any future investment in across-the-board clinical care, the consequence is future long-term investment in retaining the front-line nursing care has evaporated.

You may feel I fail to appreciate the endless dedication/devotion of Nurses and Doctors. Fair enough you’re are not the only one.

Would it be against the grain to take a look at the J system of health care?

OK we all have to pay upfront, it is structured, there is a nod to the ability to afford the costs.    

No system or strike can justify this....

93-year-old left ‘screaming in pain’ on floor during 25-hour ambulance wait


Can we all agree on this?

We all can debate until we are blue in the face, call it Brexit, however the handing economically of the pandemic has now come home to roost.  

Brexit is not responsible for the failure to invest in the provision of clinicians.

Th trusts have blown their budgets through there internal market dogma. The Government has empty pockets to refinance..

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Double plus sad the state of my home nation. Glad I’m not there, let’s hope things get sorted fast.

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Just print more money. Or rather, just hit a key on the computer and voila.

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Britain’s health system is under strain from surging demand as pandemic restrictions ease,

I would not want to be forced to be subjected to this socialist healthcare system.

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Universal healthcare provides for everyone. 40 million Americans cannot afford basic healthcare.

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Universal healthcare provides for everyone.

There are several different ways to implement universal health care. The UK system is just one such way. Other methods establish a government funded agency that functions like an insurance company paying privately owned hospital, clinics and individual care providers for their services. By not having commercial insurance involved you eliminate the armies of billing staff, competing armies of coders, one set with the hospital angling for a higher payout while the insurance company coders try to code the malady as something with a lower payout, and it gets rid of all the middlemen in between selling and managing insurance or arguing with hospitals about the terms of their contracts. All that goes away with universal health care. Compared to the US the rest of the developed world spends about half as much of their nations GDP on health care while achieving in most cases better outcomes measured in terms of average lifespan and infant mortality rates.

Australia has an interesting hybrid system with a national system of clinic and hospital that provide a minimum level of care and private providers you can pay for out of pocket or in many cases employers buy extra health insurance as benefit of employment. I did not use the Australian system often but found it met my needs.

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All the NHS hospitals are trusts. Each one receives a budget amount and decides how the money is used.

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The Japanese health system works very well.

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The NHS service is not available to Brits living overseas for more than 15 years.

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