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UK health minister says 560,000 volunteers sign up to help NHS


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Great to see that kind of spirit !

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Good stuff.

A shout out to the supermarket workers and NHS cleaners among others along with medical staff and the volunteers.

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Great! Will surly hit one million sooner than later.

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Make sure that they all have the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), before getting close to any infected patients. A number of medical, nursing and healthcare staff have already died caring for infected patients.

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UK coronavirus home testing to be made available to millions

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Make sure that they all have the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), before getting close to any infected patients. 

They're not even making sure that medical staff have that. The PPE advice was downgraded recently, so medical staff are now using - being forced to use - a lower level of protection than they originally used to treat coronavirus patients.

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There is a shortage of PPE's at some hospitals and GP's don't have full kits.

Volunteers won't be in direct contact with virus patients.

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I'm assuming that volunteers will help with delivery and check up on the elderly. The elderly, especially those living alone, are the most vulnerable. They're also the least tech-savvy and yet they need to be isolated from others.

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What Zichi and Pukey2 said. Not operating front line, providing help and support in their communities.

Everyone knew he would get the 250,000 but the response has surprised them, shouldn’t have if you look at the response each year to things like Children in Need and any serious international disaster, for all our cynicism and stiff upper lip and what others mistake for a cold nature, it is just how the ordinary people of this country always react.

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They are going to have a very important role to play as the UK government just announced they are turning the London Excel Centre into a field hosptial, with the initial 500 beds coming online next week. There will be a total of 2 wards, each with 2000 beds, and also 2 morgues on site. And, they are planning up to a total of ten temporary hospitals in the UK.

Japan, take note.

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Spirit of the Blitz, good to see the folks back home coming to terms with the situation. Make sure you all give your mums & dads a call reguarly to keep their spirits up, you know they appreciate it.

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Just checked my brother/son and family/brother in Rome/London/New York. Skype or FT. Such a blessing and free. They are all struggling and having to deal with the pandemic.

When my mother was still alive in Florida I Skype her every Sunday for about 10 years. She would sit in front of her computer waiting for the call. Even now that she has gone I still send her Skype messages just in case.

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That’s an impressive number of volunteers.

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I suspect that a number of those volunteers were hoping to then be classified as Key Persons, so that they could send their Kids to school....

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