UK health service under pressure despite pandemic promises

By Véronique DUPONT

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Appalling non-action from the Boris government. Underpaid, understaffed, underequipped. These front line workers deserve better.

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Both my parents required operations which, if they were Japanese and lived in Japan, would have been done without too much delay or fuss. They both waited ridiculously long times to have treatment. One of my mother's friends, a young woman, had cervical cancer and even after being admitted to hospital for the operation was sent home twice. Once as an anaesthesiologist wasn't available and another time due to a lack of beds. I am a Tory at heart but the total lack of investment and actually reduction of budgets for the NHS is absolutely unacceptable.

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What's very weird about many stories about the NHS being 'overwhelmed' is that staffing levels were reduced and it was actually quieter in some ways because they couldn't carry about scheduled operations due to patients testing positive for the coronavirus but often without symptoms

Those are just a few examples but you get the idea. Meanwhile, there's now a massive backlog from the extra capacity not being used:

It wasn't the coronavirus that did that

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My son in London has been waiting for a hernia op for more than six months delayed because of the covid. Thousands of cancer scans cancelled.

Here in Japan, I discovered I had cancer in July 2019. After biopsy and other tests, arrived at a Kobe hospital at the beginning of Dec 2019 to discuss my case. The doctor said I could have the op on Dec 9. Wow! too quick. I actually had it in Feb 2020. One year later I'm free of cancer.

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Three member of my family work for the NHS. One in ICU, One on a covid ward but normally on geriatric and one lab work. None of them feel like this article. Two happy with the 1%. Both my mum and dad have had very good treatment via the NHS on several occasions. I suggest if this union person does not like their work they find somewhere else.

As for the economics the NHS take an extra 0.5% of gdp each year to run no matter what happens to the rest of the ecomony. If anyone considers that a sustainable model that does not need changing then they should expect everyone to give up more and more of their earnings to pay for it. There is a massive amount of wastage in the NHS that could help and when it comes to reduction of CO2 their target is 70%. To contemplate a target so large indicates that it was being very wasteful before.

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Yes, Boris, now that Brexit is done, where is the 350 million pounds that the NHS was going to get every week? Surely they weren't outright lies?

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350 million pounds per week. 18.2 billion pounds pa. Would make a difference.

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To my surprise, I received my vaccine referral form a little while ago. No, not from the Japanese Ministry of Health, but from the NHS.

Slag off Johnson all you want but the NHS wanted to give me a jab and I was not even in the country!

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Health Care expenditure 2018.. I believe this to be the latest audited numbers.,of%20the%20UK%20Health%20Accounts.

UK health care is not free, of course one does not need to hand over a credit card or prove a means of payment on arrival at out patients.

The shameful issue is successive Governments failure to address or reform the appalling failure of management.

It is criminal incompetence. a disgrace

Huge levels of waste.

From 2015. one can only wonder what the numbers are in 2021.

Organizational Failure in an NHS Hospital Trust: A Qualitative Study

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I shattered both my hips, after a motorcycle accident, I had to pay, and willingly, here in Kochi for the necessary surgery and aftercare. I could not receive the same care in London regardless of whether it is free or not.

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Slag off Johnson all you want but the NHS wanted to give me a jab and I was not even in the country!

Had he done his job properly, much much fewer people would have died last year. The NHS is doing the best they can despite lack of funding from the government.

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I find it really funny how masses of Brits parrot that " the NHS is the best health service in the world" without ever comparing it with any other health service. I've use the NHS and health care in Japan.... Never again would I like to be sick in the UK. Waiting lists? hours in casualty? money wasted on drunks, thugs and their victims, drug addicts and worst of all the chronic over eaters.

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Nurses pay is a joke. Due to increased tax, national insurance and pension contributions nurses have been taking home less pay over the past ten years, the paltry pay rises don‘t cover these losses. Since coming back to the UK I’ve discovered many nurses are burnt out, exhausted, demoralised and are looking to leave the profession.

Governments use the NHS as a political football and it’s been deliberately underfunded for years. The NHS coped with the horrific Covid numbers by cancelling much routine and elective appointments and treatments. I have to say, however, I quickly received treatment for a ongoing health problem, and relatives who had appointments cancelled during the covid peaks are now getting new appointments and treatment. You can’t provide any kind of health care without staff, though.

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Johnson says one thing and does another. It's not a state secret. He's been doing it for years. Given the votes the Tories got in the recent local elections, he may now feel that he has a mandate to continue in such a manner. You get what you vote for and have nobody to blame but yourselves if you elected them. Ditto the Japanese people and the LDP.

The empty hospitals/wards were very suspicious, but figures are starting to appear that suggest about a third of severe Covid infections were caught whilst in hospitals. That may be why they kept people out of hospitals as much as possible.

The Tories always reduce public spending, and are continuing to privatise bits of the NHS on the sly.

This will get worse as the UK economy has been hit by both Covid and Brexit. You wouldn't know that though from BBC reports. The UK's once public, now state broadcaster only mentions the impact of Covid and rarely mentions Brexit, despite the damage it has done.

Johnson is the luckiest politician on the planet. He can use Covid to cover up all the damage caused by Brexit. The opposition have faded into obscurity and the BBC are now acting like his servants. Macron can only dream of such popularity. Maybe the French leader needs to mess up his hair, up the gaffes and lie more brazenly.

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UK health service under pressure despite pandemic promises

Wow - nice hit piece on Boris Johnson. Do the authors realize that health services all over the globe are “under pressure”? That money and resources don’t grow on trees?

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That money and resources don’t grow on trees?

On Johnson's, election campaign bus was £350 million a week. The money-saving with Brexit and would be spent on the NHS.

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The problem is about to get worse with the new Bengal variant spreading in the UK, especially north-east.

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Had he done his job properly, much much fewer people would have died last year. The NHS is doing the best they can despite lack of funding from the government.

The number of right wing anti-government comments here is quite surprising. The distrust of government is uncalled for. Some seem to want privileged medical treatment instead of waiting for equal treatment for all. Selfish.

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The British NHS has coped magnificent ly. There may be a backlog, but it is coping. I don't quite see the point of this artical.

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