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UK Labour touts pro-business shift as industry figures back party


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I really cannot comprehend this train crash of political lunacy.

Starmer could have avoided such a backlash.

Whether one agrees with Diane Abbott Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP political left wing leanings, her constituents have given unwavering support for close to 40 years.

Personally, I doubt if this will have any radically noticeable affect 4th July.

Labour’s shocking treatment of Diane Abbott could alienate Black voters for years to come


If this is how the party deals with its own MP, how will it treat our communities once it’s in power?

Guardian is not about to let this go.

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Indeed some confusion.....

The Guardian is reporting that Keir Starmer is denying that Diane Abbott Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP has been "barred". Although Starmer chose his word carefully.

Keir Starmer has denied that Diane Abbott has been banned from standing as a Labour MP at the next election, as the saga over the potential end to her 40-year career in the party risked descending into chaos.



“No decision has been taken to bar Diane Abbott,” he said. “The process that we were going through ended with the restoration of the whip the other day, so she’s a member of the parliamentary Labour party and no decision has been taken barring her.”

Asked who the candidate in Hackney South and Stoke Newington would be, Starmer said that had not yet been decided.

“It’s ultimately a decision for the national executive committee on all candidates. There will be a decision in due course, but they haven’t taken that decision, though. Stories this morning were wrong, factually inaccurate. She has not been banned or barred from standing.”

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Labour meltdown as Diane Abbott says she IS being blocked from standing at election:

If the BBC is correct, that's not exactly what she said. They report her as saying, "But I am very dismayed that numerous reports suggest I have been barred as a candidate."

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The UK needs to undergo a total reset, in order to address it's problems.

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Keir Starmer is mired in a rather poorly handled, totally unnecessary, self inflected, humiliation of the first black MP.

Even "white van man" Daily Mail has wasted little time defending Diane Abbott Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP for close to 40 years.

Labour meltdown as Diane Abbott says she IS being blocked from standing at election: Keir Starmer branded 'disgraceful' and accused of 'West Wing politics' as row over veteran left-winger mounts


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This is what the opposition in Japan need to do - lure businesses away from giving money to those useless geriatric LDP thumbsuckers and pressuring their employees to vote for them.

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