UK makes Abbey Road Studios a historic building


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wish to go there someday - a dream from childhood.

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I took a picture in front of the studio, like The Beatles' album "Abbey Road", crossing the street (^^)

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EMI - Goodbye!!

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I walked across that crosswalk and took pictures. The link below is a live webcam of the crosswalk from Abbey Road studios:

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Former Beatle Paul McCartney said he hoped it could be preserved

So why doesn't he buy it then? He can't sit on all his cash forever, if he genuinely cares about Abbey Road he should pay for it. He could easily make dosh from it, paid tours etc. Who needs to use it as a recording studio when a bunch of tourists are willing to pay to see it? Get some wax Beatles in there and you're away. He could even fund his favourite animal protection group with it. (Although, if that's the Sea Shepherds, then maybe he could use the cash to pay for part of their court costs.)

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