UK migrant flight to Rwanda grounded as European Court steps in

By Andrew MacAskill and Michael Holden

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Brexiteers calm down, pls.

The ECHR is part of the Council of Europe, which is NOT part of the EU.

You may proceed with the ranting(s).

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> NotSo HungOverToday  07:42 am JST

So once they get to Rwanda, will they be put up indefinitely within some sort of lodgings, with daily food & drink provided for the duration of their stay ? Or will they need to find some way of making money to fund this ? If not, who pays for it ? 

Remember the 1994 Rwanda Genocide? It took the lives of 1 out of 8 Rwandans. If these refugees return there they may be killed upon arrival. Nice going, UK. Not.

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If Europe "cares" so much... They are welcome to take them.

Another option is sinking the boats... Would they prefer that?

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Hasn't Australia been doing the same thing for years - detaining Indonesian asylum seekers in Nauru?

PNG, Nauru and Indonesia all factors in Australia's new asylum seeker policy - Australia Network News - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Tiny Nauru throws gates open at Australian camp for asylum seekers | Reuters

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It's all fake, the government funds the NGOs that challenge them

Yeah, how ironic. Especially so-called NGOs from America that claim to have the word 'democracy' and 'human rights' but their only purpose is to bring down governments which don't allow the west to take advantage of their countries.

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France should also send them there to prevent them risking there lives to cross the channel. Avoid the £1600 trafficking fee.

The cost of violent immigrants on local people, UK-EU transport disruptions, injuries to police, no go zones, it would make sense to just send them to Rwanda, now one of the safest countries in Africa. Process, and if applicable can go to the UK.

Charge them the trafficking fee for the flight.

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The hypnotic Brexit Tory mantra of "TAKE BACK CONTROL!" has fortunately not worked out for them after all ( to the relief of everyone with a functioning conscience). Thankfully, the adults across the Channel are adamant about not allowing man-baby Johnson to throw all his EU toys out of the pram. But it's too bad the "gluttons for punishment" people of the UK still can't make up their minds to throw the hissy-fit Tory babies out with their dirty bath water!

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Another shining success in Johnson's government.

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Again, if these people are actual refugees, they would/should stop travelling in the first safe country they get to, apply for refugee status, and wait. How many safe countries did these folks pass through BEFORE landing in the UK? That means that they are not refugees as much as economic migrants, and as such are not afforded refugee protections.

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Funny thing is how many Brexit "idiots" don't know the difference between the ECHR and the EU.

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Funny thing is how many Brexit "idiots" don't know the difference between the ECHR and the EU.

We know very well, and we don't like either. What's your point?

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Lord dartmouth

The ECHR was set up in London.

The only countries that have ever left are Greece under a military coup and Russia who were kicked out.

It has an outstanding reputation in the world.

And Patel is threatening to leave because her actions were deemed illegal.

Showing the same level of maturity as the boy playing football who storms off when things go badly.

Comical really

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Europe and the US should turn their backs on the UK and shun them.

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Europe and the US should turn their backs on the UK and shun them

You do get a bit hysterical about the UK.


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Presumably the Johnson/Patel policy of ethnic cleansing will exclude those escaping persecution in Rwanda.

Johnson = Trump. Trump has gone. Johnson will go to. Things will just be rubbish until he does.

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