UK minister pledges to deal with crumbling school buildings quickly


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The British empire is crumbling ,before your eyes,Mexico is not that bad

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It is not the first time there has been a problem with concrete. Reducing the costs by reducing the quality and strength. Spend a pound to save a penny.

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Reducing the costs by reducing the quality and strength. Spend a pound to save a penny.

RAAC is a Swedish technology from the late 1920s that remains in use today. It was and still is considered an advanced construction material. The problems in the UK seem to stem from it's use in roofs combined with poor roof maintenance and poor placement of steel reinforcements. The use of RAAC per se is not a case of cutting corners to save a buck.

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"We will spend what it takes" - What he really means is "we'll give the building companies owned by our friends the contracts, and allow them to rip-off the tax payer"

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More than schools are crumbling in the jerry-built "Fawlty Towers" of Tory Britain. "London Bridge is Falling Down" wouldn't surprise, either.

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At least the Tories are consistent. They have failed at absolutely everything.

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London Bridge was built before RAAC.

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Not really high on their list of priorities due to the dearth of RAAC at Eton and Harrow.

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London Bridge was built before RAAC.

Not quite. The current bridge was opened in 1973 (constructed between 1967 and 1972). RAAC was generally used from the mid-1950s to the mid-1980s. However, I don't think it was used for London Bridge.

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They’ve known about the risk to life since 2018, and did nothing. In fact, as Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2021, Sunak cut school building maintenance to cover only 50 schools.

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same method is being used in japan and its being rather safe. UK is missing the point of MAINTAINECE. you got to maintain buildings for every couple of years.

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