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UK problems won't go away in 2023, Sunak warns


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how profound! dear oh dear..... still, a nice spectacle coming up for the 'subjects', to take their minds off.... well..... everything

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Great firework display for the New Year.

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How can king pay your bills

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If Britan joins back the EU all of the problems will go away .

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Can Bojo go away?

I know some Bits who'd settle for that.

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Don’t have to wait for rising sea levels, Rule Britanica is sinking by itself.

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U2 said it best forty years ago (THAT long ago?): 'Nothing changes on New Year's Day'.

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An unelected rich boy takes the helm...

What can possibly go wrong ?

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No British prime minister is elected by the people. Same here in Japan.

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@wallace - correct, sadly.

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Britain has had a tough 12 months and its problems will not “go away” in 2023

Well, obviously not. The Tories will still be in power until at least 2024.

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UK problems won't go away in 2023, Sunak warns

The UK is is still struggling with its Covid strategy and its economy is still suffering, as its PMI is one of the lowest in the West.

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Some hate the Tories for not locking down enough, some for locking down too much whilst they partied. Many hate them for the rise in costs, esp. energy, many for the rise in interest rates (both stemming from the decline in Sterling caused by Brexit). Others hate them for the wide scale structural damage caused by Brexit that cannot be fixed, and some (amusingly) for not getting Brexit to 'work'.

There are so many reasons to hate the Tories that Labour just have to keep their heads down, mutter vague promises and count the days.

If the Tories come second to the Lib Dems in enough right leaning constituencies, and third or fourth in enough left leaning constituencies, then the Tory party will end as a force in British politics in 2024. Many Tories have already said they are not standing in the next election as they expect this to happen. Others are getting their noses in the trough of public money before the games are over.

So as we counted down the days before Trump got the boot, we can now count down the days to the end of the Conservative party. Not because Labour will be any good - they will just fail differently. But because the Tories deserve to be entirely erased from British politics for Brexit.

In 2024 we get one day to celebrate their end, before we start finding reasons to hate Labour.

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