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UK prosecutors charge 2 men with spying for China, including a parliamentary researcher


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They didn't manage to archive Boris's missing WhatsApp messages did they? Because that would be useful.

quote: China, Russia and Iran as the leading security threats to the UK.

No. The biggest threats to the UK were Brexit, incompetent government, drought, flood, cut supply chains, staff shortages and lack of green energy infrastructure. The authorities failed to stop the first and are now failing at the rest.

They may also want to sort out the nuclear deterrent, which made like a Catherine Wheel last time they tested it.

quote: interference in British democracy.

That would be the demand for photo ID at polls, which is suppressing voting.

And if you are worried about disinformation, I would direct you to British tabloids, which are full of it.

I'm 100% serious. China, Russia and Iran could not have damaged the UK as much as the Tories have in the last decade. They couldn't even get close.

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If proven in a court of law, both these men should face a minimum of 50 years without parole behind bars. Despicable traitors.

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And 1 in Germany too.

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The CCP basically gets the dirt on individuals it deems as being of potential use, and then milks them for whatever they can get.

Beware of all Chinese bearing Gifts...

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