UK raises stakes in EU feud with threat to break Brexit deal


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You can't fly high like an eagle if you rub with undemocratic EU turkeys.

Just do it already (what ever it takes), the EU doesn't care about your democratic processes, why care what they think?

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Liz Truss parliament/commons announcement gave little or no indication of what this bill actually entails. No details of content or text. Actually, nothing at all. Just statement of intent to present a bill

Johnson says his government wants to fix the Protocol rather than rip it up. The UK says technology and trusted-trader programs could be used to create a check-free “green lane” for goods destined for Northern Ireland that are at little risk of entering the EU.  

This statement on first sight makes sound common sense, if such intentions contain Johnsons honourable intent.

Also, Liz Truss contention “is consistent with our obligations in international law.”  is hokum pokum wishful thinking. Action Liz Truss is suggesting would be a breach of a signed international agreement. It is a cheat.   

Before either the EU or the UK start bellowing like a pair of big girls’ blouses, it might be smart to understand what is at stake from action that constitute a trade war.  

United Kingdom

EU trade relations with the United Kingdom. Facts, figures and latest developments.

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Under the serial liar Johnson the UK has proved itself to be an entirely untrustworthy partner, prepared to break treaties and agreements at the drop of a hat. It's word is mud. Any government with the clueless ninny Liz Truss as part of it has zero credibility.

“Respect for the rule of law ... runs deep in our Tory veins,” Conservative legislator Simon Hoare said.

So who was just arrested on suspicion of of indecent assault, sexual assault, rape, abuse of a position of trust, and misconduct in a public office? Wasn't one of those "law respecting Tory MPs" by any chance, was it?

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You can't fly high like an eagle if you rub with undemocratic EU turkeys.

It looks like the UK and other European countries might have a choice coming sometime down the road, they can choose between the EU or the Eurasian Economic Union, the latter, as currently led, views democracy in most forms as abhorrent, in part because democracies allow opposition groups to question the authoritarian regime, and most democracies allow a free, for-profit media to present information from an array of perspectives, not just from the autocrat's. Or the current EU's member states could go it alone, each nation primarily responsible for its own protection, and ruled by some sort of upper caste offspring, like most were ruled by prior to the putative 'Great War'.

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Look, whiffs of posturing and grandstanding, a tactical ploy to push/force the agenda.

The legislation could take months to navigate committees etc. It unlikely to be waved through.

One thing though Johnson is baiting the EU commission.

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The British has always had a dysfunctional parliamentary government

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Two areas that Truss brought to Parliament attention, “dual regulatory system that encompasses either EU or UK regulation as those businesses choose; that reflects its unique status of having a close relationship with the EU, while being part of the UK single market”.

Also, a legislative mechanism to let Westminster fully and independently determine tax and spending in Northern Ireland. There is reference to the removal of ECJ as the final court of arbitration 

These proposals are significant changes to the withdrawal agreement NI protocol.

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EU should focus on saving Ukraine from Russia.

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Liz Truss parliament/commons announcement gave little or no indication of what this bill actually entails.

Because Liz Truss isn't exactly a bright person herself. Lavrov proved that in a very embarrassing way. The whole government lies on a daily basis.

Just exactly how many people who voted Leave ever thought about consequences like the Northern Ireland problem? After Scotland and probably Wales leave the UK, the DUP will still want to cling onto England who have moved on. This fragmented Ireland is a result of colonialism accompanied by years of cultural genocide when the Irish and their language were made to feel inferior, so please don't talk about countries half way round the world.

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The UK is falling apart, they have brought upon themselves economical and political disaster.

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Now I know we are getting back to normal after the Covid craziness! The Eu bust up is back on the menu!

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The British has always had a dysfunctional parliamentary government

No, and that is exactly what they want you to think. The belief that "all politicians are the same" is the greatest possible gift to bad politicians. The current British government is the worst in a long long time and needs to be called out for it. It's not politics' fault, it is the current government's fault. They are worse than Theresa May's government which saw all of the problems with Northern Ireland coming and had a better plan to deal with them. Johnson's government signed a treaty and are now trying to get out of it. The EU won't play ball and neither will the USA. The USA has stated this in the clearest possible terms already.

The long-term likely result is that the UK will break up, losing Scotland and/or Northern Ireland. This will weaken the country and is a huge international embarrassment. The plan was for the EU to break up, not the UK. The only silver lining is that it is likely to happen peacefully and not in conflict like Yugoslavia.

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Another photo op for sophomore Boris, who, as always, just can't seem to keep his roaming eye on the target and yet he's probably claiming, "I can see Russians!".

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A few points.

Firstly, and for comparison, look at this website which contains a nice colour coded map of EU countries who have infringed EU legislation, and to what extent:

There is an EU-wide average of 31 cases of prosecution for infringement during the period of analysis, and, you've guessed it, all the usual suspects feature in the upper ranks of the league for naughty behaviour.

Secondly, contrary to popular EUrophile belief, treaties are not etched in stone; they are not infrequently renegotiated by the parties concerned (that is, if they are not simply disregarded - see above). The trade agreement between the EU and Britain contains mechanisms for revising the terms.

Thirdly, when major EU states and political figures are talking up a trade war with one of its former allies and partners, while simultaneously devising all sorts of wheezes (re gas and oil) to circumvent sanctions to do business with a genocidal, megalomaniacal tyrant bent on waging war in Europe Pac-man style, you just know that there has been a complete collapse of all moral authority in those states and institutions.

Whatever its many faults, under the circumstances I shall side with the current British administration.

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In full: Liz Truss sets out new law on post-Brexit trade deal for Northern Ireland

Shuffle through the candy floss to 24:10........

What Truss is proposing can be managed and joint validated. It would cut costs for business and bring a more unified community.

The issue is the bill requiring a breach of a signed agreement.

It would be smart for the EU to engage on Truss proposals. The EU single market would be protected through a joint approach without the need for the unnecessary bureaucracy.

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Johnson denied that the move breached international law, saying Britain’s “higher duty” was to uphold the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland’s 1998 peace accord.

BS #1: The DUP was always opposed to the Good Friday Agreement.

BS #2: In the recent devolved assembly elections, anti-Protocol parties (despite vociferous pre-election rallies and riots) won just 37 seats. *Pro-protocol*** parties won 53 seats**.

The GFA states that Her Majesty's Government has " no selfish strategic or economic interest" in retaining Northern Ireland. Johnson, however, is acting to saving his own well-padded posterior (eminently spanked in Britain's own recent local elections) and distract from the never-ending train wreck that is Brexit.

Northern Ireland's business community welcomes the Protocol, which gives the region the best of both worlds: a foot in each of the UK and EU markets.

The anti-Protocol parties oppose it on emotional grounds, despite there having been agricultural controls between GB and NI for decades, championed by no less than Ian Paisley (Sr.) himself.

Of course, we can trust Prime Minister *F** Business! *to ignore the business benefits. Cheers, Boris!


(*Mods, this is a direct quote of Boris Johnson in June 2018

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Truss bill would be a breach of international law, far smarter for both sides to work together.

To be fair Truss proposals make sense. There would be no threat to the integrity of EU single market.

Oversight can maintain a duel approach.

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Just exactly how many people who voted Leave ever thought about consequences like the Northern Ireland problem? After Scotland and probably Wales leave the UK, the DUP will still want to cling onto England who have moved on.

NI will join the South at some point in the 30 years once the Catholic population outgrows the Protestant. For the rest of the UK that will bes relief of sorts.

Scotland may seek independence again, but the same border questions will emerge if it tries to join the EU.

There is minimal appetite in Wales for independence.

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We will still be strong and free centuries after the bureaucratic project of the EU troughers in Brussels is one with Nineveh and Tyre, and an archeologist will be puzzled over an inscription on some ruins of grandiose structures that he stumbles across in the northern European desert, like Shelley's 'traveller from an antique land':

'My name is European Union, empire of troughers:

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare

The lone and level sands stretch far away."

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The Northern Ireland problem is a creation of EU bureaucrats. It's not about people, culture or even economics, it's purely a political punishment on whom ever it can reach. Like a jellyfish, it's spineless, and stings on contact.

I'm appalled for all his rhetoric about getting things done why Johnson hasn't done it already. Just get on with it and serve the people of NI and Ireland. Stuff the EU.

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