UK says Brexit trade talks with EU are in their 'last week'


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Let us speed the process up for you, Boris. You either: A) take the deal on the table - no, we are not sweetening it, or B) leave no deal and don't let the Dorr hit your behind.

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It's only one year ago Boris gave his dream for the country but how quickly life can change. He won't last a complete term. More than 70 conservative MP's oppose his handling of the virus.

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( means just sign it whatever because we loose )

Who is "we"?

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I am afraid the EU commission and EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier/team could have underestimated or more appropriately misunderstood ultimate goals and strategy.

The signed withdrawal agreement. Focus on behavior and actions. Boris Johnson Government Internal Marketing bill.

Provisions written within the bill allow ministers to unilaterally re-interpret parts of the Northern Ireland protocol contrary to the Withdrawal Agreement.

Also in essence define the approach, to guarantee businesses market access in contradiction to the spirit of the signed treaty.

But more so, the strategy is one or two rungs up the ladder to repeal of the entire agreement.

Sun Tzu 

Quote, the Zheng element, which fixes the enemy in place, and the Qi element, which flanks or encircles the enemy, either actually or psychologically. 

The Zheng (ordinary) force is direct and more obvious, while the Qi (extraordinary) is indirect, unexpected, distracting, or unorthodox. Using both elements ensures that decisive blows will fall where the enemy does not anticipate them, and is least prepared.

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If there is no deal, New Year’s Day will bring huge disruption,

This is what EU is scared most. UK keeps EU hostage knowing that Barnier and team will come up with something to not allow this happen. I read in another news that there will be small agreement even though French want first to have translated into French but Barnier said there is no time for it. ( means just sign it whatever because we loose ).

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