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UK support for Brexit rises despite Obama's call, opinion polls show


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To sum up, anonymous internet based polling by ICM shows slight support for Brexit. Meanwhile, real telephone polling by OBR shows significant 8 point lead for remaining in the EU.

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Telephone polls aren't necessarily better. People are more likely to give their opinion if they feel they are anonymous. Telephone polling has always put the remain side ahead of leave from the beginning. It was actually 11 points ahead of leave before Obama's speech, so either way the support for the remain side has dropped.

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Telephone polls aren't necessarily better. People are more likely to give their opinion if they feel they are anonymous.

Ed Milliband would disagree. ICM online polls were among the worst in the 2015 election debacle.

It was actually 11 points ahead of leave before Obama's speech

True, but that's a far cry from a few months ago when Brexit was leading, even in the telephone polls. As we approach judgement day, we're seeing an undeniable swing towards sanity.

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Not so true I'm afraid.


There have been 19 telephone polls in 2016 so far and only once has it put leave in front. The support for remain has plummeted though as according to the telephone polls in March it was 51% 39% for remaining.

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The best argument I;ve seen against the Brexit is the referendum.

Still no economic strategy from the Leave campaign. No whatsoever. "Let's do it and see what happens".

Disgraceful, dangerous political games from inept, elitist politicians who care not for our future, just their own fat faces and those of their prep-school cronies......

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There is a possibility that some foreign companies that had placed their manufacturing hub in Britain move to mainland Europe or at least downsize if Brexit is realized and tariffs are placed.

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Perhaps Obama's support for staying in has had the effect of boosting the outers.

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This strikes me as the kind of thing where people really don't decide until they're in the process of voting.

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I think the remain side need to tackle the issues of immigration and sovereignty if they hope to have a chance.

They have brought out the big guns on the economy but that alone is not enough. I suspect they were hoping Obama's intervention would have been the final straw but it seems it wasn't enough. I don't know what more they can do.

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About time Obama and the US moved off the fence from 'recognizing the de facto UK administration of the Falklands' to realizing that Argentina's Falklands' claim is spurious and that they have been duped into believing propaganda. Time to recognize that only the Falkland Islanders can determine how and by whom they are governed and dismiss that mythical Malvinas fairy tale: https://www.academia.edu/21721198/Falklands_1833_Usurpation_and_UN_Resolutions

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whatever the arguments, the fact that all of the entrenched interests and "experts" shout for Bremain makes me guess that Brexit might be less problematic than they say.

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I hope the Brits stand up and leave the monstrous anti-democratic organization that is the EU, which is becoming more and more a technocracy that has nothing but contempt for the sovereignty of the peoples living in it.

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I'd say support has risen for Brexit in spite of Obama's intervention. He shouldn't have interfered. How many people would thank a friend for intervening in their personal relationship? Good friends stand by you and offer support or a shoulder to cry on. They don't mix it up.

Stay or leave Britain isn't going anywhere but the economic impact from the uncertainty will be significant. This is exacerbated by the Brexit campaigners lack any real plan other than goading with 'don't be a wuss we can do it' slogans. Britain is stronger in Europe economically. But more importantly I think the UK is better off quitting the whining, manning up and sticking with the fight for a fully democratic and representative EU.

The only argument with any weight the Brexiters really have is the control of immigration. But realistically, stay or leave the UK still needs migrants. It's possible the source might change but as long as UK PLC needs low cost labour the numbers won't. Unless of course our worst fears are realised and companies begin a slow and debilitating move to the mainland and take their jobs with them

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