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UK taxi driver becomes first mummy for 3,000 years


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Cool! would be interesting if this became a trend, look at how perfect the skin is after 3000 years, if anyone has visited the Cairo Museum to see Ramses etc, would notice how perfect and intact they are for that long. Whilst on the subject, Walt Disney apparently is cryogenically frozen.

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Tuten-Alan sounds like a good bloke; it would be nice if they could make him a little pyramid to complete the job.

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Headline has an error. It should read, "...First Mummy in 3000 Years"

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This is AWESOME.

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What a waste of wormfood D:. I want my body to decompose normally in some soil so some other organisms can go about their business and keep the eco-system going xD. Might ask to be buried under a tree or something, I don't want anything of this body to go to waste D:

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