UK to end quarantine for travelers from 'low-risk' countries


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Hopefully more good news.

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This could prove interesting....

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I think three color alert system, red, amber and green countries. America will remain on red.

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Brexit innit ? Bare dry fam !

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Are you sure? Right now still have more people infected in UK. Better monitor more closely and do not harm more people around the world.

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Still can't get back into Japan...

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Quarantine for travellers from overseas was never enforced on any level, so I don't see how they can say they are ending it.

Nobody has been fined for not quaratining. People have been allowed to enter the UK as usual for the last 6 months.

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Japan’s turn.

If you are allowing your citizens to travel to wherever they like, you should let legal, visa holding residents go home for a visit.

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Looking at the photo, I wonder how long virions can ‘live’ on grass?

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Gonna be hard to try and pick up someone under those conditions.At least they have grass,unlike cities in Japan lol.

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It’s just been announced the R rate has gone above 1 in London, and 2 is other places, just as Johnson is on telly telling us all to behave ourselves and keep social distancing after the lockdown eases tomorrow. Some pubs will be able to open 6am tomorrow - it’s insane.

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