UK to ease holiday travel ban yet keeps most quarantines


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That's the way to do it. Have a clear road map, step by step get rid of lockdown.

Japan take note. Vaccinate and have a clear road map

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Not mentioned is Australia and NZ. They, along with the other countries, may well be on the OK to visit list from the UK, but will those countries let them in? Or only let them in after maybe 14 days of quarantine.?

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Aussie and NZ No.

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Will those countries accept UK citizens without quarantine ?

UK has still around 2000 cases a day in average beyond the fact vaccination is well advanced. Compared to the population, this is nearly like in Japan.

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Vaccination means you are highly unlikely to suffer severe symptoms - it knocks Covid back to 'flu status, possibly sub-'flu status (quite a lot of people die of 'flu and relatively few are now dying of Covid in the UK). It also appears to reduce transmission levels.

We are now moving towards having three types of countries:

-Those without cases (Australia, NZ) which chase after any case that crops up.

-Those that have vaccinated the majority of vulnerable people to prevent deaths overwhelming the hospitals and are living with residual Covid as the vaccination process continues (UK, Israel).

-Those that haven't vaccinated enough and are vulnerable to having their hospitals overwhelmed.

Countries will start to move from the third group to the second as vaccination progresses, allowing travel between them for anyone testing negative before flying and having been vaccinated.

The first group may choose to remain closed off.

Of course anyone testing negative should be able to travel across a border. They don't have anything wrong with them. Many of the restrictions have nothing to do with Covid or logic, and everything to do with politics. The political element of this will become more obvious as the threat of Covid recedes but a raft of restrictions remain in place. It is easier to ban everything, blame it on something like a virus, and then remove some restrictions, than it is to simply implement restrictions solely for political reasons.

The green list is amusing. I'm surprised they didn't include Antarctica and Narnia to fill it out a bit.

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It hasn’t occurred to many of those criticising the Green list is that it is deliberately short and weird to put off people from unnecessary travel.

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