UK university jab scheme off to a slow start

By Julie EZVAN

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Those young and "educated" students, who won't protect themselves or their schoolmates, should have to sign a waiver saying that if they catch the vid, they'll forfeit their right to go to a hospital and take up a bed.

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Sad that the supposedly more highly educated are holding back so much, but I guess it shows the power of social media.

Peru is having some success with young adults through Vacunathons and Vacuna Fests. Make it more joyful.

Maybe things like discount vouchers or rebates on fees would also help. I'm sure the students themselves could suggest more incentives. If they don't work, we'll all be facing a big rebound, with more serious variants going on world tours.

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Simple solution... get jabbed or go home. Make it compulsory to be vaccinated to attend classes.

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Students must be told to vaccinate or loose their place at the university. The reason they hesitate to geta jab is because Antivaxers keep repeating this one statement over and over again "vaccinated can catch COVID and pass it on". True, BUT 90% less likely to catch it, thus 90% less likely to end up on ventilator and 90% less likely to pass it on than the unvaccinated!!! Youngsters don't read mainstream media, instead rely on FB or Twitter which are full of disinformation and dangerous delusions!!!

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These are 18 year olds, most of whom are away from home for the first time and don’t have their mum making decisions for them. They have spent most of their last year of schooling at home. It’s Fresher’s Week, where new students just want to get pissed and get off. When covid starts sweeping through the campus and accommodation, they’ll be crying they can’t go to lectures or the pub and will be queueing up for the vaccine.

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The UK future doesn't look very promising does it ?

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Since both the vaccinated and unvaccinated shed the virus, the survival rate among the 18-25 years old who develop symptoms is 99.999%, and the vaccines do not protect from the new variants after Delta, the question is what are the benefits of those young students getting vaccinated.

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he survival rate among the 18-25 years old who develop symptoms is 99.999%

Laughably absurdly false. This isn’t gaslighting. This is bad gaslighting.

Simple solution: no Jab - no attendance. Contrary to what the anti-vaxxers say, it works remarkably well. The

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