UK university staff, Scottish teachers, postal workers begin walkouts


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There's a difference between Leftist Political point making, and people in need trying to be heard. In the UK, organized Unions - albeit Left aligned, have the right to vote, but they need membership support, and when the membership all feels the same way, the original reason for that Union's existence is exemplified.

Exploitation, enslavement, abuse - individually, people have no voice, but collectively they can be heard.

The UK Government is going to be in a hard-place to move out from. When times were good - they kept their jobs, however, now that times are bad, and many are loosing their own jobs around them, the UK Government should also feel the pain - there's a lot of Stupid red-tape around, and that needs to go. In order to find out how to pay a tax - I had to call 2 different departments, and neither were really clued up on it, other than the 1st one had to confirm the tax amount, and the second had to tell me the web URL for the form to download.... that's totally insane. And the telephone system is so antiquated - with long messages about stuff you don't want to hear... (starts off by saying it's a free call... oh no it isn't for an International caller!).. sorry but UK Govt falls into the category of Big Fat Government that could do with a lot of dieting / Fat (cat) trimming.

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Wait until the nurses go out.

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The typical British citizen believes lecturers are overpaid, lazy, left-wing whingers who would benefit from exposure to the "real world".

"I hope everyone for all eternity enjoys the same Dickensian exploitation by capitalist oligarchs as I enjoy."

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Tories gotta go

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Here comes the Winter of discontent ... again...

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"What I want to see is people able to go about their daily lives without disruption."'

Then pay them a decent wage.

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I wish the government would go on strike. Everything the Tories have done in power has been toxic and damaging to the UK, its economy and its citizens.

Education strikes aren't a problem. Nobody in this country has much of a future anyway, so why bother?

Sterling has been trashed leading to rampant inflation and rising mortgage rates. The economy has been trashed. The NHS is falling apart. The BBC is widely distrusted. Almost everyone is on strike or going to go on strike. The supermarket shelves have gaps as things vanish from the supply chain. Businesses close. Now we are expected to patriotically freeze in the winter because the government has spent years failing to build a green energy infrastructure. Perhaps hatred will keep us warm - hatred of the lying failures in government who completely ruined the UK in just a few years.

The one thing we have to look forward to is voting them into political oblivion at the next election. Their replacements won't be any better, but it will still feel good seeing the Tories wiped out.

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Typically the University Chancellors (aka CEOs) are on huge salaries, 250-500,000 pounds each year, plus housing, car, travel, even some of the small, less famous places A little distribution of wealth would help.

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The typical British citizen believes lecturers are overpaid, lazy, left-wing whingers who would benefit from exposure to the "real world". There will be no sympathy for their cause

Only if you're a Daily Mail reader. Normal people feel sympathy for any average folk looking to get a pay rise.

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Interesting there's no more Minister for Brexit Opportunities portfolio.

There's obviously no need, as we enter a winter of blisscontent.

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Gareth, lecturers in UK have okeish paycheck, but all the rest staff (which are the majority) are seriously underpaid.

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England is going from crisis to crisis since too many months already, the pandemic, brexit and the war in Ukraine have not been kind, and people are in their limit, sincerely hope people get a respite already and things begin to improve soon.

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I have read all the UK papers today and did not notice any articles on university staff striking. Interesting that I find a report in JT. I think that summarises how much the British public care about the issues. The typical British citizen believes lecturers are overpaid, lazy, left-wing whingers who would benefit from exposure to the "real world". There will be no sympathy for their cause.

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Every since their queen death, England is being going down hill,under every reign of of a Charles, England has been marred in misery

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