UK warns 'no choice but to act' to change Brexit deal


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"undermining Northern Ireland's Good Friday peace agreement by.......creating a trade barrier in the Irish Sea."

That's a desperate makie-uppie fake-connestion.

And the actual threat to "peace and security" is only coming from the British governments threat to "legislate to override parts of the peace agreements and extreme unionist uncooperative behavior and some street-corner loyalists petty-criminal threats, not from the current mild import "checks for some goods, such as meat and eggs." There is no shortage of meat and eggs there, in fact they are exporters of meat and eggs to...Britain (and btw europe where they have been availing of special bespoke preferential treatment that are the envy of many other countries, including UK nations Wales and Scotland).

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And the Tory game of distraction carries on.

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I have a solid grounding in the intricacy pertaining to financial law.

No amount of jiggery-pokery can duck and around treaty law.

You sign, you have and obligation to follow its stipulation and protocols.

A number of newspapers have suggested fully invoke section 7a (EU Withdrawal Agreement) which would effectively snuff out the entire withdrawal agreement. Truly unthinkable.

The Guardian also quoted Article 62 of the Vienna Convention, allowing a country an escape route through fundamental changes not envisaged at the conclusion of the treaty.

Both these options are extreme to put it mildly.

Hitherto the UK EU relationship is on the verge of political collapse. and a trade war.

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This is a perfect example of why Ireland has always done absolutely everything they could to get independence from Britain.

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UK warns 'no choice but to act' to change Brexit deal

...lest they collapse under the weight of all the scandals. Tossers.

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So what's Britain been doing with all these negotiations and putting their signature on the Brexit deal - if they don't believe in what they have just signed

Are they just wasting everyone's time

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