Zelenskyy says any Russian victory could be perilous; invites Xi to visit Ukraine


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Mr Zelensky is now seeing that it’s futile not to have a ceasefire and an agreement. What an about turn from only a few weeks ago.

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this guy is clearly out of touch with reality.

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Another rah rah rah Ukraine and he is right about

“The United States really understands that if they stop helping us, we will not win,”

But the west hasn't a clue on what is really going on!.

Best example other than this propaganda article.

Now it took me about a minute or two to locate the original video it took Reuters a few days.

So basically like everyone here that claims Russia is loosing, Russia is out of tanks, ammunition or that a few dozen tanks an a dozen planes will help Ukraine win , Zelensky is selling a fantasy the war version of share vacation condos on the beach that don't exist.

A 4 year old video of museum tanks reshared by MSM as being WW2 tank heading for the front,

It is not that they didn't check, it is that it was not acceptable to check and the story fit the narrative.

The problem with Zelensky and many in the west is to think a few modern pieces of equipment will make the difference.

It won't because this is a modern day trench warfare situation.

This is a one-on-one close combat often Urban situation with trenches and artillery fancy equipment already provided by the way has proven to be of little consequence it is full on manpower that runs this war and the sooner we understand that the sooner will end this silliness by having at least the beginning of a conversation on possibly ending it.

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Zelenskyy says any Russian victory could be perilous

How is a Russian victory possible? Doesn't the whole world support Ukraine? Or, they just pretend to?

invites Xi to visit Ukraine

Dangerous! What is Xi is taken by Zelensky's charm? US needs Xi to be the enemy, or all their weapon deals will collapse...

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Putin swung and whiffed with China, whose strategy is to prolong the conflict, thus weakening both sides.

Weapons Western nations have pledged to Ukraine are still en route. Xi will not step in to aid Putin.

Russia is doomed. A medium-term question: who comes after Putin?

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Japan ! Look out ! for Putin !! Look out ! for Russia !!!

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Even the Ukrainian people want peace.

Sure they want peace: After they take back their lands from the Russian imperialists.

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has surprised the world with the strength of its resistance against the larger, better equipped Russian military. 

who writes this? Russia is being attracked by the whole of NATO, Australia, Japan, SK.

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It's kinda bizarre for me that bullying dictator, Vladimir Putin, has fanatical supporters. Who'd want to live in his world; the one we see so clearly, that smothers dissent, that murders people he doesn't like, that sends boys to lose their lives in a futile war to just stop him losing face any more than he already has? What is it about him?

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You don't need the app. Just copy and paste the link. Watch it, and then in 14 minutes come back and tell us how that manpower did.

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Even the Ukrainian people want peace.


Especially the Ukrainian people want peace.

There can be no peace until Russia is out of Ukraine and the bear is chained.

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the sun goes up another day and there are more Soviet tanks crossing into Ukraine filled with their children

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