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Ukraine aims a major drone attack at Crimea as Russia tries to capture a destroyed eastern city


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With winter weather setting in, bringing snow and freezing temperatures to the battlefield

Send the Russian soldiers back home across the border where they could be with their families and possibly be warmer, plus not be in Ukraine killing civilians, raping and further damaging residential areas.

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Crimea is not going to be safe as long as Russia is actively engaging in terrorism. Hope Russians think it was worth it.

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Ukraine is running low on men of fighting age, average age of their troops is 43 with many in their 60’s. Time for a ceasefire to end this madness.

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That's 8 years of constant shelling of homes, schools, hospitals and parks, including little bomblets that get stuck in trees and parks and get picked up by children and maim them for life.

No that's nonsense. Nonsense that leaves out any mention of imperialist Russia sending tanks and weapons into eastern Ukraine to kill Ukrainians. Russia never wanted peace in Dombass, they wanted to steal it.

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What is a "volunteer bus?" Who rides that bus? Is that the bus that transports the pregnant conscripts to the front line?

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Keep the pressure on Russia to go home, and leave Ukraine to Ukrainians. If they dont leave then keep killing as many as you can until there are no more in Ukraine or until the do leave.

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Avdiivka - another Bucha, another Mariupol!

Russians doing their best to level it to the ground.

But Ukrainians hold their positions - even more, they continue to gain territory occupied by those Russian marauders. PUTAin still sending his people to the meat grinder - more than 320.000 so far turned into fertilizer.

Of course, all drones that were launched by Ukraine on the illegally occupied territory of Crimea were shot down - in their dreams. At least a couple of them hit their targets.

It's time for those Russians invaders to retreat, go back as long as they can walk. Or be sent back in body-bags.

Ukraine prevails!

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It was not possible to independently verify either side's battlefield claims.

See how the narrative is changing? It only used to be Russian claims that were doubtful.

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Thuban, regurgitating old Muscovite propaganda that has been conclusively discredited doesn’t make it any more true. The only people who have been repeatedly documented as using cluster munitions on civilian targets are the rapist rabble from ruski mir. Ukraine doesn’t waste its ammo it uses it to turn Muscovite slave armies in to fertiliser.

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Time for Russia to get out , and suffer the economic and criminal repercussions of invading a sovereign nation! This is a black and white issue ! This is all on Putin and Russia .!.

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Putin: I need more bodies! Open another prison!

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Eastman Today  09:43 am JST

Will to win.

Are you sure about that? Are you sure Russians will charge into a minefield for Putin's glory?

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what happened to that 3-day-limited Russian operation?

Just playing in overtime?

Or running out of just everything?

Ukraine on the other hand advances in all directions.

So, who prevails and who will prevail!


Ukraine prevails!

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it happened - more than 600 days!

And soon Ukraine will be united again, including all occupied areas!

Remember: Rome wasn't built in one day!

Easy enough to understand?

Ukraine prevails

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a strategically important city in eastern Ukraine.

yep until Russia takes it.

then it’s a meaningless abandoned place and just a “symbolic” victory. Same as always.

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The war will end at the end of winter, the Kyiv regime will capitulate to Russia...

The Russian map will be a bit bigger by 2024..

Get used to it..

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The war will end at the end of winter, the Kyiv regime will capitulate to Russia...

The Russian map will be a bit bigger by 2024..

We've been hearing the exact same promises for almost 2 years. Kyiv was going to crumble in "48 hours", remember.

Ukrainians will not give their land up. They stand up to bullies trying to steal their land. Get used to it.

And get used to countless more of the dogs you cheer for being sent home in bags in disgrace.

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It will be Russia that will prevail at the end

just like Serbia will prevail eh ?

Thanks to Boris and western lies UA people have to die everyday

Thanks to Putin and his lies UA & Russian people have to die everyday

this conflict could end a long time ago.

This conflict should never have started, & now Putin is learning the hard way

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EastmanToday  11:05 am JST

Russia was ready to stop the fighting had Ukraine agreed to remain neutral, but the West advised Kiev to keep going, the head of President Vladimir Zelensky’s parliamentary faction – and the chief negotiator at the peace talks in Istanbul – admitted on Friday.

During the talks, Arakhamia /David Arakhamia led Kiev’s delegation in the talks with Moscow/added, British then-PM Boris Johnson arrived in Kiev and told Ukrainian officials to keep fighting and not sign any agreements with Moscow.

So here we are.Thanks to Boris and western lies UA people have to die everyday for...Kiev junta s interests.

This is a common canard that we have repeated frequently. We can't say for sure what was offered until we hear from the leaders themselves. In any event, in 2023, Russia must accept unlimited NATO weaponry in Ukraine or a ceasefire is pointless.

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*It will be Russia that *will prevail at the end

just like Serbia will prevail eh ?

Always nice to reminisce about the great times Serbia got it absolutely handed to them!

War criminals like them and fascist Russia ultimately face the consequences.

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Typical Russian supporter blaming others for their mistakes.

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Rebrand the counter offensive.

A week ago the hyped-up claim was 70% of the way...

Avdiivka’s location grants Ukrainian forces artillery advantages over the city and could serve as a springboard for them to liberate Donetsk.

It has also allowed the nationalists to indiscriminately shell the citizens of Donetsk since well before the SMO even began and they will never capitulate to Kyiv.

In fact it is precisely one of the reasons why they lost the Donbas forever.

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It has been almost two months since the big strategic bombers and their air launched cruise missiles were deployed; word on the street is that a large inventory is being prepared - the calm before the storm.

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word on the street is that a large inventory is being prepared - the calm before the storm.

"Word on the street". Yeah, sure.

More like "word on the pro-Russia online forums".

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