Ukraine cheers U.S. vote for military aid; Russia outraged


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When is the US going to quit babysitting the rest of the world? This is what NATO is for and the EU is a hell of a lot closer to the actual conflict, let them deal with this.

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So the Cold War continues with an apx. 20 year break.

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@Yubaru When is Russia going to accept that its borders are its borders? When is Europe going to grow a pair and deal with its own security? These are questions that may never have answers.

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Ukraine is a buffer zone / lightning rod for Europe, not the US. USA has got the Atlantic, the Pacific, and stalwart Canada as buffer zones. Let Europe defend Ukraine if it wants or not.

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Well now...maybe Russia will REALLY put their army in Ukraine. I'm sure Putin has been pushed enough...time to push back.

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@Chuck McCrossan And then we would have a full admission of the thuggery that the Kremlin believes in.

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Congress should have first passed a bill recognizing the independence of the areas held by separatists.

There would be no war if the pro-west, western part of Ukraine would stop trying force the pro-Russia, eastern part back into the fold. Is it some sort of surprise that ethnic Russians would want themselves and their lands as part of Russia,or at least allied with Russia? I don't think so.

I think they are idiots for wanting to ally with Putin, but if they want to be stupid, let them be stupid in peace. Ukraine is better off without them any way you slice it, except for the slice of greed. Basically this decision by Congress to arm Ukraine is a defense of greed. Not only is it directly defending the greed of the Ukraine government, but it is also a bid for more arms sales...lives for cash.

Yet another day I feel embarrassed to be American.

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I'm still at a loss why Russia after disbanding the USSR never joined NATO. Instead they decided to go the lone wolf route. It's a shame... Coulda been buddies for life and their own bases around the area, but NOOO.

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The US's activities to cause a regime change in Ukraine - controlled by the US is not going as smoothly as it had hoped. In Cohorts with Saudi Arabia the US (OPEC) has caused a 40% + drop in oil values to further try to cause as much damage to Russia as possible, in an attempt to make Putin highly unpopular, but it's also putting the western financial markets at great risk and as it now makes Shale oil production in the US unprofitable it will become a more dangerous financial gamble than ever the longer it continues. Remember this is what happened prior to WW2 also...

The US wants a regime change in Russia, hence all the negativity towards Puntin and is gunning hard for this. Putin's popularity in Russia doesn't seem to be dropping as much as they'd like it to though. Why? Could it be the Russian public appreciate why Putin doesn't want to allow the US to continue to expand NATO military bases around it's borders?

Has everyone forgotten the US promised Gorbachev that NATO's membership would be frozen as part of the agreement to end the cold war, but has since pushed hard for it to continue to grow - and it's nowadays twice the size? Has the mainstream media covered that Norway recently refused to join NATO as it would encroach over 1,300km of Russia's borders at a time when Russia is clearly not in agreement of being further surrounded?

Read between the lines of the news and search for what they're not telling you rather than reading mainstream and assuming it's the whole story.

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When Russia disbanded the Warsaw pact which was created to counter NATO, they trusted that NATO would not be needed by the west because everyone was drifting toward friendlier times. Russia felt that they no longer needed to put money into more and better arms and so they let their military technology go stale. Now they realize that the west never did have intention of cutting back on advancing war technology so Russia resumed advancing their technology and is almost at par now and will strive to go further. Russia is still far ahead of the west in missile technology and if it comes to nukes, it will be a toss-up. Russia just needs to postpone a little longer until NATO deploys the F-35 in strength in order to win the upcoming conflict. I heard that the Aegis system might not work too well after all. Just my opinion but I may be correct.

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Chuck McCrossan the Aegis system works just fine and will shoot down the PRC and Russian Federation missiles. As for atomics, no one will win that conflict. The US will retain enough warheads to wipe Russia off the map. No one is really sure what will happen next but the die off of the human race will be in the billions. Might be that humans will become extinct. However even if just a few hundred atomics are used the world will be in very sad shape.

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Every problem Japan has, Russia has 3x as bad. Well, speaking of population fall and future reduction in its standard of living.

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What do you think USA would do if Russia had made a revolution in Mexico and controled it? do you think USA would permit it when it have demonstrate to do much more of what is criticizing in Russia, many times around the world in the last 13 years?

In other hand, why dont let divide Ukrania so the people can have their space either if is pro-russia or pro-west? The reason is the same why USA have done all its wars or revolutions in other countries since 2001.

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That is insane! With all the real problems going on, why do the US and EU government now try to start WW3?

Stop meddling in the ex Soviet block. There is lots of mutual history that the locals have t sort out. Ukraine wasn´t even an independent country until the breakup of the US.

Should Putin now start arming radical separatists in Quebec or Texas?

The insanity is of US policy is infuriating.

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Doesn't the U.S. government have a $ 17 trillion debt? They got no money to give to Ukraine. Ask Russia, er, China...

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Serrano: "Doesn't the U.S. government have a $ 17 trillion debt? They got no money to give to Ukraine. Ask Russia, er, China..."

You didn't seem to mind that fact when you supported illegal invasions of certain ME nations, citing the need to preemptively murder those who 'would kill you for looking at them sideways'. You don't seem to mind them giving billions to Israel despite Netanyahu refusing to do what the US asks in return.

WilliB: "Should Putin now start arming radical separatists in Quebec or Texas?"

Hate to break it to you, Willi, but it's RUSSIA who's backing separatists and even invading a sovereign nation. The US has thankfully decided to HELP said sovereign nation defend itself given that Russia is already backing said separatists. Oops!

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Europe should provide the military aid in their continent. Ukraine has dilapidated equipment, while the opposing side has better weapons that couldn't have been grabbed from the fleeing dilapidated Ukraine forces. Russian border is so porous.

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The US has thankfully decided to HELP said sovereign nation defend itself

Where were all those strict moral principles when US helped separatists to destroy the sovereign state of Yugoslavia? Forgot about separatist narcostate called Kosovo, stolen from Serbia? Oops!

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When is Europe going to grow a pair and deal with its own security?

When will the US leave Europe? Pleaseeeee. ^.^

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Putin is running Russia into the ground. I support him fully.

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@Industryinsider: great comment.

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What do you think USA would do if Russia had made a revolution in Mexico and controled it?

Lmao. Love the comments from the anti-Americans here. Thankfully the US hasn't been practicing thuggery in its neighborhood like Russia has. There is a reason Russia had to resort to a failed state (cuba) for its North American outpost.

Should Putin now start arming radical separatists in Quebec or Texas?

Even funnier. Would love to see the reaction of the Russian representatives when they fight out what a bunch gun-toting religious libertarians Texans are. Keep the theories coming. It takes a "special" kind of people to support Putin.

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Russia was a ticking time bomb. G W Bush was nuts to give them a full market, and soon after we seen Putin just saved up $1 trillion to build weapons for war. And it was even said to let them waist that money on trying to save their market. How dumb that they would spend the lot "$1 trillion dollar" on trying to save there market 2 start off with. America was gone so how could that money make a new American country / investment / 250 million people buying their goods.

Putin was after one thing.......... The old KGB rich "US - RUSSIA" On par DAYS..... Happening again. This Ukraine war is only happening because he knows there is no chance of that happening now^^, and that they have nuclear weapons and can't ever be invaded.

Putin knows they can't pick on all there neighbours now, and what's Ukraine to be there B. They were mates with lots of there neighbours, but Putin likes to put them in there place to 2 show them his power....... As in they are his B.

The EU and all the people relying on Russian gas, need to turn to electric stoves and hot water systems. The EU needs to scrap its carbon tax, that collects "say" $20 billion pa, but only sees $4 billion put into green technology.

The EU should just make a Green tax.... Nothing to do with carbon tax, and spend the $20++ billion dollars on owning solar farms. So they have their tax and get it all for free., there for they can cut the cost of power by 30% +.... And can say piss off Russia for good, within 10 years "gas" supplies gone.

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Finally, we grow some cojones. Push them Ruskies back to where they belong -Siberia.

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