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Ukraine lawmakers ratify landmark deal with Europe


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The Russia China duo! What a couple of international misfits!

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The legislative equivalent of flag waving.

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It is not so important - what's happens in reality

Much more important - what will be written in historical books...

So we see now how it works :

Those demonstrations eventually drove him from power in February and led to the annexation of Crimea by Moscow and the rebellion in the east

1 It was NOT demonstrations anyway - it was a RIOT at the central square of the capital of Ukraine

Nationalistic activists attacked the police and passers-by, seized the building and set fire to tires

It was NOT peaceful demonstration

2 But as a result - it gives NOTHING .

Yanukovych held power , surprise ? But it was so !

Yanukovych lost power as a result of coup d'etat or putsh of 22 February

Are you agreed that peaceful demonstration, riot ant coup d'etat are three very different things ?

3 Ukraine before coup d'etat was normal democratic state

And these "Pro-western" forces just had not enough power to gain election

So - if democracy doesn't give you what you want - you should take submachine gun ...

As a result - well armed gangs of Ukrainian nationalists came come to power , ready to kill anybody who stands in their way

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Well at least they aren't beholden to the kleptocracy in Moscow. That is a blow for freedom.

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Well done! On par with the Colbert Report....

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Follow-on headline: Poroshenko courting Obama and U.S. Congress for more humanitarian aid ahead of Winter after winning pro-European vote in Kiev

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