Ukraine president faces tough realities at home


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1 After the ouster of Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s previous pro-Russia president, following monthslong protests

Yanukovych NEVER was a pro Russian president

2 many have already hailed the rise of the pragmatic, Western-leaning leader

.Yanukovych also was pragmatic Western-leaning leader

3 Only one big difference : Yanukovych represented the oligarchs on the political arena

Poroshenko one of the main Ukrainian oligarchs

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Yanukovych NEVER was a pro Russian president

Where is he now?

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Super Yanukovych NEVER was a pro Russian president Where is he now?

Now he is only political refugee...

So you prefer - he was killed by "revolutionaries"?

He never was a friend of Russia

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So where is he?

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SuperLib So where is he?

So where is Mubarak, who for 40 years faithfully served the United States ???

It's a big difference between Russian and Anglo-Saxon political culture :

Yanukovych never was a Russian friend and today he is done as a politician

but he found refuge in Russia, unlike Mubarak who was a friend of the United States

it's two different worlds

0 ( +1 / -1 ) really need to understand basic facts. Poroshenko is killing his own population, bombing hospitals and committing genocide on his own soil. This is obvious to every one. These are facts. The US does not care about regular people. This is fact...proven time and time again...Iraq,libia,Egypt and now Ukraine. Russia is accepting thousands of refugees from Ukraine with open arms. The russian government accepts anyone who has faced injustice from their own government. Be it a president who was illegaly run out of office or a whistleblower who had his passport revoked and had to remain in russian(one who actually exposed the illigality and immorality of the us government... Once again) Perhaps in America everyone who is not with you should be killed. Not in modern Russia. People have compassion and respect for life.

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