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Ukraine rebels down helicopter, killing 14 troops


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The truth is most people commenting on this site are americans or pro americans who believe in the blatantly hypocritical propaganda of their own government.

even more so, if it involves anything china-related.

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Ukrainian military has been attacking civilian blocks for days killing hundreds of innocent people. People who are unarmed and have done nothing except voice their opinion. They are trying to force these people to conform to the new government using heavy artillery...military is attacking civilian blocks in order to intimidate the Russian speaking civilian population into accepting the new west backed regime. The downing of a helicopter just proves that people will not surrender to the pro western/fascist government they did not ellect. They are defending themselves any way they can. As I'm sure anyone here would if they were in that situation.

On top of that the new government has no intention of paying it's huge gas bill and still expects to receive gas from Russia. Consumption of gas has increased dramatically in ukraine. Its ironic how US expects Russia to sit by and watch their Russian speaking population in Ukraine get slaughtered, accept the new pro west regime..which we all know was "democratically" elected and still provide free gas to Ukraine. I wonder what americans on this site would say if their own people were being slaughtered by the military of an anti american government. I wonder if they would just sit by and watch as its not their business to get involved into other countries affairs.

The truth is most people commenting on this site are americans or pro americans who believe in the blatantly hypocritical propaganda of their own government. Even the EU leaders condemn these attacks on civilians. All except the US.

Dont get me wrong I love america and have been living here a long time. Its just a shame average american people cannot form their own opinion based on facts and historical evidence.

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This just makes things more on par. Now there should be no qualms on using heavier weapons.

“The international community awaits from Kiev an immediate ceasing of military activities in the east of the country and the withdrawal of troops. Without that, achieving peace in Ukraine is impossible,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

That's actually a good idea. Now to include the withdrawal of Chechnyan paramilitary troops that don't belong there too.

Putin: "There are no Russians there (in Ukraine, again)."

Donetsk leader: "Uh....... not exactly (again)."

(When it's obvious on the ground, even to native Ukrainians.)

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You maybe able to obtain RPGs on the black market but sophiticated guided missiles are much harder to come by and definitely much more costily.

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Russia Today is just saying that a copter was downed, no mention of the hardware that would be needed. They are also not reporting on the Russians found in East Ukraine. Suffice to say that Russian supporters aren't getting the full story.

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Divide and conquer; a velvet revolution; a KGB master plan. Putin knows exactly what to do to rebuild the USSR. It is the Economic Cold War. A few deaths here and there are acceptable. It is part of the grand plan. What Europe does for the former USSR countries will determine how many Putinvilles will be established. St. Putinville, it sounds a little familiar?

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Russian news is reporting 1,300. Ukrainians killed in this operation. That's a HUGE number....if it's true.

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What defines Ukraine borders? I am thinking its not the will of the people in each city or town, or this would not be happening. People are so fundamentally stupid. If people don't want to be a part of your country, show them the door. Don't shoot at them. You cannot shoot someone into loving you.

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@Farmboy, how about a compromise by calling them "troopers."

I saw it reported a couple days ago that a group (or troop) of rebels that was stopped from entering Ukraine was from Chechnya, so clearly there are some rebel forces that are not backed by Moscow. Russia itself has more than 100 ethnic groups, so they can't all be on the same page, can they?

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White House said raised concerns about the rebels being supplied “from the outside”.

Meanwhile "Obama to authorize training of Syrian rebels".

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According to a New York Times report surface to air missiles and launchers can be had for $2000 on the black market. I link this last month.

Putin has said nothing recently about protecting Russian in Ukraine, which he should not have said in the first place. That the rebels are going it alone shows they have serious issues with the Kiev regime. Kiev will eventually have to negotiate with them. The sooner the better. The carnage is heartbreaking.

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