Ukraine, Russia launch crisis talks on gas, insurgency


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Intense artillery fire and air bombardments also continued in the rebel Donetsk region stronghold of Slavyansk—an industrial city of 120,000 where many have been sheltering in basements for weeks.

So government bombardment is forcing all people, women and children included, to hide in fear in their own basements.

What kind of government bombs its own cities and people?

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Ukraine has refused to pay the bills in protest at Russia’s decision to nearly double rates in the wake of the February ouster of Kiev’s Kremlin-backed president.

Wow! Once again JT fails to mention that Ukraine had been receiving gas at half price from russia since the very beggining(and not paying for any of it). Then russia simply raised prices to the same rate as the rest of europe.

But of course Ukraine and US want to place sanctions on russia and destroy the country diplomatically and financially not to mention kill thousands of Russians on ukeanian soil and STILL expect to be given gas at half the price and not paying for it.

If that's not biting the hand that feeds I don't know what it...

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