Russia announces ceasefire for evacuations


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Russia-Ukraine latest news: Russia claims it will honour fresh ceasefire to let civilians flee

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It must be time for Russia to move its artillery for bombing different parts of those cities. Expect Russia to again dishonor the ceasefire and kill civilians trying to get out.

With hundreds if Indian students trapped in some cities, Russia needs to honor ceasefire agreements to at least ensure it can face India and say they gave time for students to leave encircled cities. The outrage in India if its students start dying in tens and hundreds will just turn that nation against Russia like all the others.

IF, and it remains a big IF, Russia actually honors this ceasefire it will be surprising and a welcomed gesture. But only a brief gesture. It must still end it's invasion and leave Ukraine immediately.

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Rather sarcastic offer…what happens to all of them when in Belarus or Russia while even all international media have already left? If not already attacked anyway while fleeing on those officially provided corridor routes they might find themselves in all those prison camps for a lot of years. Hopefully they have quickly learned now that they just cannot trust any offers but better challenge to leave that war continent completely in direction West and then by airplanes or ships farthest possible away from the reach of Putin’s or his secret police and foreign agents’ claws. As if Western Europe isn’t infiltrated also…are they all kidding?

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Russia claims it will honour

Talk's cheap, Putin has lied so many times, only his sycophants might believe him.

Didn't Putin say he amassed his forces at the Ukraine border for exercises., and didn't his media and online sycophants parrot him. Then the pro-Russians and others in the anti-democracy, extreme right wing movements say people who don't believe their idol are brainwashed.

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Evacuation routes published by Russia's RIA Novosti news agency, citing the Defense Ministry, show that civilians will be able to leave to Russia and Belarus. Russian forces will be observing the ceasefire with drones, the task force said.

Cynical as I am, why would one evacuate to the very countries responsible for the invasion and subsequent horrendous loss of life?

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

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The long walk to Siberia begins.

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Let’s hope this round of ceasefires last longer than the previous ones. Let’s also hope the lines of tens of thousands of people are not targeted by Russian troops like they were last time.

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Russia claims it will honour fresh ceasefire to let civilians flee

And that's a claim that should be trusted? Because they've honoured all their previous promises of ceasefire? Not to mention their promise not to invade in the first place?


Ukrainian army doesn't allow many people to leave.

It's Russian shelling that prevents people leaving.

Not as if anyone in their right mind would want to 'evacuate' to Russia or Belarus anyway. As itsonlyrocknroll notes, that would be out of the frying pan right into the fire.

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Evacuation routes published by Russia's RIA Novosti news agency, citing the Defense Ministry, show that civilians will be able to leave to Russia and Belarus.

If you look at the map of Ukraine, these two are the only possible routs from Mariupol & Kharkov. From there people can go anywhere they desire, but most of these people will want to stay in Russia. There are already over 150 thousand of them from Donbass alone.

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Seems like yet again the UN is very slow on the uptake - this invasion was flagged-up weeks ago, when they should have been mobilising their peace-keeping forces into position to enter Ukraine and keep the warring factions apart, as well as providing safety corridors for humanitarian assistance, food-and-water / supplies / relief to arrive for the civilians caught up in this barbaric mess.

No sign either of Red Cross and Medecins san Frontieres personnel - are they all asleep on the job too......

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That's good news, at least for now. Hopefully it is honored on all sides, so that everyone can get out of the areas safely.

The only thing that has me concerned are specifically evacuations out of Mariupol, there were reports and videos of Azov not allowing civilians out. Hopefully that was just a few isolated cases and the vast majority of civilians can evacuate safely.

I suppose we will see soon, but I hope for the best.

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former Defense secretary senior adviser Ret. Col. Douglas Macgregor

A bit of a conspiracy theorist; claims Zelensky is not a hero but a 'puppet' (taking order from whom?), the Ukrainian military is hiding amongst civilians and are being sped out by the Russians.

Not someone I would want to take at his word.

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No, full ceasefire, UN peacekeepers, safety zones, air corroders to friendly countries.

And take the last opportunity to negotiate an exit route out of this ever growing human disastrous loss of life.

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1.5 million already and potentially 5 million refugees. All completely blameless.

What a nightmare. I don't know how, but this conflict has to be stopped.

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It is a pointless exercise, shouting "he started it"...

This is the moment to take a deep breath and find a means to end this war.

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The truth will be shocking.

Is the poster who wrote the above going to claim they know the truth?

Truth? who has that in this war, especially when Putin and oligarchs control media and information. Yes, of course western media have biases. A big difference is farther on down the road the truth is more likely to come out in the west because of more open access to government records and a free-press. If you know the 'truth' how many Russian troops have been killed so far, how many wounded? Are the relatives of any oligarchs on the ground fighting for Russia? I would think given the oligarchs have the most to gain, they'd be willing to do the actual fighting not just sit in one of their yachts in a safe country Or is soldiering just the job of the poor?

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Putin already failed. This was not his original goal. His goal was to replace Ukrainian's government and for Ukraine to be friendly to Russia again.

It obviously will not happen anymore.

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To all our Russian friends:

нет войне!

You're welcome.

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The pro Putin invasion and anti-pandemic measure cohorts on social networks have formed a kind of unholy union.

Dog only knows where it could lead.

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Either the Russians will violate this ceasefire resulting in more civilian casualties, or, they will abide by the ceasefire and as soon as the civilians are gone totally destroy the place, displacing millions of Ukranians in the process. No matter how you cut it, stopping the invasion has to be the most important goal for the entire world at this moment,

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The SBU and Azov Battalion will prevent civilians to leave so they can use them as human shields. Already happening, but blocked from western media.

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Seeing is believing. The propaganda value would be good for Putin, but this wily war criminal is calling all the shots alone and he is quite mad.

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Once "all" civilians leave anyone left is a combatant; Russia will smash the place to smithereens.

Despite all the "heroics", anyone (should know) Ukraine is not a match and will lose this scrap.

Sanctions will not resolve this given Russia is a major commodities producer.

And when it comes to military might, Russia is still a super-power, no matter what some "critics" will say. That's why there will be no no-fly zones over Ukraine!

Just like Karelia was lost by Finland, Ukraine will lose its access to the sea, probably its entire Statehood.

Both Napoleon and Hitler used Ukraine's flat land to invade Russia; Russians are not stupid. Twice bitten no wonder they're so shy now.

James Baker and Yeltsin signed accords "guaranteeing" NATO's non-expansion Eastward, meanwhile broken by the West.

Russia is not solely to blame here.


Not a Russian fan, but the Devil's Advocate.

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No sign either of Red Cross and Medecins san Frontieres personnel - are they all asleep on the job too......

Both of these organizations have personnel in Ukraine risking their lives to save victims right now, you don’t know what you are talking about.

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Either the Russians will violate this ceasefire resulting in more civilian casualties, or, they will abide by the ceasefire and as soon as the civilians are gone totally destroy the place, displacing millions of Ukranians in the process

And since the evacuation routes are all headed to either Belarus or Russia, Mad Vlad will have a huge stock of hostages.

I have never hated any human being as much as I hate that pig-eyed, smirking, scheming parody of a Bond villain.

Agree 1000% with Mickelicious.

нет войне!

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I am struggling to fully contemplate the headline photo

A truly heartbreaking depiction of war in the 21st century.

All this should have been left behind circa 1945

UN promised a world free of conflict of this nature, of providing a platform for diplomatic resolution.

Yet here we all are, witnessing the unthinkable.

Yet the unthinkable is able to thrive.

President Putin, Russian Federation is threatening the use of weapons of mass destruction.

So are we all prepared for the unthinkable?

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"The Australian government has pledged tens of millions of dollars worth of missiles, ammunition and medical supplies to Ukraine as the Coalition and Labor both commit to increased military spending."

"First load of Australian military aid to Ukraine arrives in Europe | ABC News"

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The excellent work being carried out by the Red Cross is totally stretched to their limits and requires enormous international intervention to address the horrendous scale of the atrocities which they're being faced with - the American side should really be assisting more on this aspect.

Medecins sans Frontieres are currently scaling-up their efforts to treat as many of the wounded as they can, although they're efforts are severely hampered at every turn.

It's a complete let-down from the UN that they've been unable to provide any meaningful peace-keeping forces in this scenario - just holding meetings and issuing pleas from HQ seems to be their best response, which really adds up to nothing at all, and yet the taxpayers of the world are funding their enormous salaries and expense-accounts.

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"Australia's lethal aid to assist Ukraine in its fight against Russia's invasion has arrived in the country, a move that was deeply appreciated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy."

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It is noteworthy that the side who's interests are served by getting civilians out of the crosswise keep trying to make that happen, while the side who's interests are served by keeping as many civilians in the crossfire claim its the other side who keeps firing on civilians leaving.

Now, you can choose to believe that both sides are acting against their own interests in this matter, if it makes you feel uncomfortable to make the obvious conclusion about what your government and media are telling you, or, you know, use your common sense.

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