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Ukraine calls Russia U.N. presidency a 'slap in the face'


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i have a good idea.

how abt to replace russians with ukrainians?

than it may be kosher?

irony off

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i have a good idea.

how abt to replace russians with ukrainians?

than it may be kosher?

irony off

Unironically yes, because Russia illegally took the seat of the former Soviet Union, so why not give it to a more worthy successor?

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So why is the US, which illegally invaded Iraq and bombed Serbia and countless other violations of the UN charter allowed on the Security Council.

I'll note you're not denying the original point.

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Ukraine bawling again, this is a daily event and their antics are tiresome.

Perhaps your country should try a devastating bombardment of its cities and economic capacity.

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ua very pathetic.

give me money guns media support,listen to me as i am always right.....and all they need is to get rid off fascists and start to talk with Russia without any pre conditions.

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Ukraine seems to have more power in the world the Xi Ping, Vladimir Putin and Sleepy Joe combined.

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Russian control 66 percent of Bakhmut ,and Ukrainain control 0 percent of Russia territory,is safe the counter offensive is working

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If the US do not want Russian head of the counsel ,they should be man enough to say it to Russian face,the US government is becoming a mouthpiece of Ukrainain,if I did this for a country,I could be declared a foreign agent and have to register

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The USA on the security council is the biggest demonstration of HYPOCRISY ever.

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Wise,what legal statue do the US have,if the US do not want the Russian to chair the UN ,expel the Russian ambassador and declare everyone persona non grata ,it obviously they will not do it,why complain

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Russia doesn't even deserve to be on the UNSC much less hold Presidency.

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Wise,I am not natural born American,it our duty as an American to challenge to policy of our government,it in our DNA to up the Foundation of Liberty, Equality And Justice for All,no where in the constitution Ukraine is mention

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Fortunately the shaky midget with Parkinsons only holds the chair for 1 month. Just look at the sad look on the scumbags face!

The fact remains fascist Russia has very few friends and their limited resources are going to keep dwindling the longer their war of aggression goes on.

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The world certainly is in crazy condition now. The world’s two biggest dictatorships are aligning with one another, and that should worry everybody.

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Plenty of proof of Russian interference around the world in "The Vulcan Files":


Thousands of pages of secret documents reveal how Vulkan’s engineers have worked for Russian military and intelligence agencies to support hacking operations, train operatives before attacks on national infrastructure, spread disinformation and control sections of the internet.

Leaving Russia as President of the UN Security Council is a joke. I has to be.

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