Ukraine signs historic EU pact, snubbing Russia


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I feel sorry for the rest of europe...ukraine has nothing to offer except beggars and prostitutes and debt to the EU.

JT how about reporting on all of the refugees fleeing prosecution from ukraine into russia? All of your reporting is clearly once sided.

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The European Eurocrats just can resist kicking the Russian bear. Fools.

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European Commission experts estimate the deal will boost Ukraine's national income by 1.2 billion euros ($1.6 billion) a year.

Is the EU-related boost the only part of the income equation? I doubt it. According to many experts, Ukraine will lose about $20~25 billion/year from leaving the Custom Union. I am afraid that, as with the other similarly poor Eastern European countries, EU association of Ukraine would mean austerity and even poverty for all bar few percents - the corrupted (pro-EU) elite. Sure, in short term, for miopic EU bureaucrats the association looks "good" - cheap labor, cheap natural resources, cheap privatization of nation-owned assets, new, hungry market, and not to forget - yet another chance to antagonize Russia.

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The Russians probably aren't too disappointed - this was in the books since the Kievans pushed good old President Y out of power.- one of the reasons they've gotten the Crimea to join them and try to cut a deal for better treatment for ethnic Russians in the Eastern half of Ukraine.

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The corruption in Ukraine was very high and people were upset -justifying a revolution --> however this revolution was foreign controlled and staged with $$$. I don't think joining the EU and adding all this debt will help the average Ukrainian. Ukraine has very good farmland with many small farmers = It really is the breadbasket of Russia. I hope the average Ukrainian does not sell out to these criminals that are printing and given unlimited "money", but with austerity and the high taxes and energy costs they might not have a choice.

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