Ukraine steelworks troops surrender as Russian soldier says sorry

By Charlotte PLANTIVE and Dmitry ZAKS

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ART. 99. — No prisoner of war may be tried or sentenced for an act which is not forbidden by the law of the Detaining Power or by international law, in force at the time the said act was committed. No moral or physical coercion may be exerted on a prisoner of war in order to induce him to admit himself guilty of the act of which he is accused. No prisoner of war may be convicted without having had an opportunity to present his defence and the assistance of a qualified advocate or counsel.

IOW, if murder is against the law in Ukraine, and Ukraine's own troops can be charged with murder, so can the invaders.

The articles outline a series of rights and protections for POWs, but they don't get to just murder people.

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Bronco - would you be so kind as to let the rest of us know which Article of the Geneva Conventions states this?

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All - please do not listen the the first poster. He is trying to spread disinformation for some reason or another. If you don't believe me, then you are more than welcome to check out Articles 99-108 (Section III - Judicial Proceedings) of the Geneva Conventions (link below).

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The U.S. Congress approved a $40-billion aid package for Ukraine Thursday as Washington ramped up support for Kyiv.

Know the names of the Republican Putin supporters...

Ten other Republican senators joined Paul in voting against the motion to advance the security package on Monday; many of these senators made supportive statements about Ukraine’s plight following Russia’s invasion:

Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.)

John Boozman (Ark.)

Mike Braun (Ind.)

Mike Crapo (Idaho)

Bill Hagerty (Tenn.)

Josh Hawley (Mo.)

Mike Lee (Utah)

Roger Marshall (Kan.)

Tommy Tuberville (Ala.)

Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.)

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"I know that you will not be able to forgive me, but nevertheless I ask you for forgiveness," Shishimarin said, addressing Shelipov's widow in the cramped courtroom in Kyiv.

Shoulda stayed in school, kid.

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Rodney, the Geneva Conventions still apply regardless of what the detaining power says about the combatants. Interesting that you would re-copy the OP’s disinformation. Why would you do that!

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Rodney, please familiarize yourself with the Geneva Conventions so that we can discuss!

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Now show how Ukrainian army treats Russian POWs and see the stark difference.

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PM - the spelling "Kiev" is a tell, for sure

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However, NATO member Turkey is "determined" to block the applications, its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, calling Sweden in particular a "complete terror haven".

Here we go again.

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the Kiev regime

So says the Moscow regime and Putin's puppets, both inside and outside Russia.

Ukraine's is a legitimate, democratically-elected government. And Ukraine is an independent sovereign state. Period.

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Only reason the war in ground to a halt,their is lots of rivers in Ukraine,these roads were built by Russian,for war during Soviet Times , lots of these Ukrainain got no more than a gun,they cannot call for backup , Russian are bombing morning day and nights

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Yes, that it has apparently been completely forgotten that it was only a few years ago that the, ahem, defenders of Mariupol (who retreated to the tunnels while the, ahem, invaders of Mariupol swept through and mostly moved on to where the front line was) had to fight their blood soaked way INTO Mariupol and STAYED to keep control on behalf of the Kiev regime is indeed emblematic of what is going on in what once was a democratic, stable Ukraine.

Just as emblematic as the municipal workers restoring the signs that Kiev had demanded be removed and local politicians staging photo ops around the restored signs.

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There is literally nothing about a Russian solider saying "sorry". The word doesn't even appear in the article, aside from the title.

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Under no circumstances shall the country that captures a POW charge the POW in domestic civil courts for acts committed during wartime.

the Geneva Convention doesn’t cover the Azov Nazis. This will interesting to see what legal status they have.

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Vadim Shishimarin pleaded guilty to a war crime

As per the Geneva Convention, war crimes are to be tried only by an international third party tribunal like the ICC in The Hague.

The Geneva Convention specifically states:

Under no circumstances shall the country that captures a POW charge the POW in domestic civil courts for acts committed during wartime.

The Iraqis never stooped so low that they charged captured American pilots with destruction of property and the killing of Iraqis.

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