Russia moves naval exercise that rattled Ireland


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No, it wasn't a 'rare concession by Russia', it was another demonstration that the cause of the 'tensions' isn't Russia, but that if Russia wanted to play Biden's game, it wouldn't just be America that would be getting brushback pitches.

Indeed, it could be seen as diplomacy by proxy, a reminder to Ireland that if it allows the US to make decisions for it, it is also choosing to take the consequences of America's actions, too, and might prefer to try and convince Biden to be a little less reckless.

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That's some crazy advanced weaponry on those pics..

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Russia should ask itself why it's former Warsaw Pact "allies" and former SSRs that have become independent are so intent on aligning themselves with the EU and NATO and so afraid of being dominated by the Russians. The real problem is that Ukraine is a lot like Russia, except they have an elected government and it is a mostly free country. Vladimir Putin cannot stand it. The Russians look to Ukraine and ask why they can't have competitive elections, a free press and the right to criticize their government? The Ukrainians can and they aren't all that different from us Russians. Why do we have to put up with a dictator here in Russia. That is really what it is all about. A free and democratic Ukraine makes Vladimir Putin crazy.

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The fact that they are choosing to do it on the western borders, if you like, of the EU, off the Irish coast, is something that in our view is simply not welcome.”

But the fact that NATO is conducting exercise in Estonia & Latvia, right at the Russian border simply should be welcome by the Russians, right?

And the fact that NATO is arming Ukraine to the teeth should also be welcome, shouldn't it?

The West gives itself the rights that itself considers a crime when others demand the same rights. The only thing that stopped the Ukrainian provocation, backed by NATO is the Russian firm stand & their iron will to defend their country. I bow to the might that was used right.

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Desert Tortoise

The real problem is that Ukraine is a lot like Russia, except they have an elected government and it is a mostly free country.

Will help a great deal to find out how democratically the Kyiv junta was elected in February 2014.

Have a look also at people burned to death alive in the Union building in Odessa on May2, 2014.

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That's some crazy advanced weaponry on those pics..

Especially the wooden AK-47 held by Ukrainian soldiers.

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@DT, you don't know much about this whole thing with Ukraine, do ya?

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Ireland is not part of NATO. But, Ireland is never going to make representations to any American president on behalf of any enemies of their friends, particularly their friends/family in the USA. Like most intelligent people they can see that Russia is justifiably concerned about NATO's ambitions in eastern Europe. The Russian decision to move is no crude "diplomacy by proxy," rather it is an intelligent sign that displays scope for compromise all round. Hopefully compromise will win out over posturing and threats. Give peace a chance.

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