Ukrainians search for 20 missing after Russia strikes mall


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Putin is slaughtering civilians in homes, schools, industries, churches, shopping malls, even a maternity hospital, all in a sovereign country. After four months of this massacre and more to come, what is the point of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which is supposed to prosecute those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, if Putin is not immediately arrested and held to account? How many thousands more need to die before the rest of the world does something?

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Avenger, thousands of more will die,if Ukraine do not attack Belarus or inside Russia,that your answer

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Winter is 6 month away,do you think Europe will freeze in the dark for Ukrainain,they are already compromising,with Russia about Kalingrad ,when they do not have too,they can cut Russian completely off by rail ,making people in Kalingrad lives miserable

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right, negotiations concerning Kaliningrad should be abandoned, now and for good.

Putin will use this as yet "another victory" to promote his agenda, the agenda of a mad-man.

Concerning the ongoing shelling - Russia terrorizing civilians .... the way they did before.

Shame on them, killing innocent people (NO, that's not collateral damage!) and then providing some obscure, constructed, fake explanations.

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i have read that there were thousands?

any typo mistake in headline?

just want to be sure.

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Fake news. A warehouse full of western weapons was hit and exploded, kept right next to a civilian shopping center causing a fire.

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Sad how "only" 20 people missing seems small in comparison with all the rest of the death and destruction happening on Ukraine. It put things in perspective that this is just one of things happening in the war.

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Zelensky got too make a decision in the best interest of Ukrainain,he think some White Knight will save him,Biden has sent him a warning,of tough love like he did in Afghanistan,his choice cannot be delayed for ever

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The reality that the Russian air strike didn't hit the mall, but rather a military site that the regime had stuffed full of explosives despite (or maybe because) of its proximity to vulnerable civilians isn't going to be acknowledged by the people who write the articles.

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BTW, what was that huge facility adjacent to the shopping mall and the park/pond???

On NTV news here in Japan last night, they used an aerial photo of the site complete with labels for the mall and the park, but not for anything else.

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Why is Ukraine under martial law and Russia,not ? Zelensky know the majority of the men would flee Ukraine,lots of these Ukrainain women are never coming back too Ukraine,when they can live and work in a EU country

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The Mayor of Kremenchuk stated publicly that the mall had been closed for some time and that a manufacturer was using the space. It was also located next to the ammo dump holding Western weapons that was Russia's target, and, given what we now know of Eastern Ukraine, does "crowded Mall" sound likely to YOU? Additionally, as others have pointed out, the ubiquity of cellphones and the paucity of cellphone videos augur against "crowded mall" and the relatively few casualties were most likely military workers in the arms depot. Also, the parking lot immediately after the fire started was EMPTY. But anyone paying attention has already seen that ANYTHING coming out of 'official' Ukrainian sources is what one gets when cleaning out the hog barn... and Western media bathes themselves in it and Western government officials smear it on their flags...

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One war crime after another. Just keep recording them and prepare for a day of judgment at The Hague.

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For as long as his war is funded, and it is funded extremely well at the moment, AND he gets to keep all the money, ie no debt to pay because Biden has blocked Russia from paying its debt, Putin will just continue his grind on the Ukrainian people.

The UN need to setup shop, ie safe zones for civilians and food security for the world, AND enforce it with multinational force.

The allies need to send missile defense systems ASAP.

Ukraine should be allowed to strike targets inside Russia.

Ukraine should be allowed to keep its economy running.

Only then will Putin see that he can't achieve his prime objective of destabilising Ukraine and the world.

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The Mayor of Kremenchuk stated publicly that the mall had been closed for some time and that a manufacturer was using the space.

I wonder where you get your info. That isn't what any news out of Ukraine is saying, and even the russian news outlets (RT) are reporting that the Mayor is angry and threatening criminal prosecution because the mall wan't evacuated even after the air raid alarms went off.

Why would there be any need to evacuate a place that had been 'closed for some time'?

the parking lot immediately after the fire started was EMPTY

How much petrol do you think is available to the average Ukrainian civilian at the moment, to squander on shopping trips?

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Why is Ukraine under martial law and Russia,not ? 

Because Ukraine is currently being invaded by a massive foreign army that is literally destroying its cities, killing thousands and driving millions from there homes, while the same thing is not happening in Russia?

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You are outraged by "Russians killing civilians", but I see no outrage from you that Ukraine has been killing people for the last eight years. Why is that?

Because right now its the Russians killing civilians on a much much larger scale than anything the Ukrainians did over the past 8 years.

When Ukraine does bad stuff, I'll be outraged at Ukraine. When Russia does bad stuff, I'll be outraged at Russia. This article is about Russia blowing up a shopping mall full of Ukrainians, not the other way around. I think blowing up shopping malls full of civilians is an outrageous thing to do. When Ukraine does that, I'll express outrage at that. Today however it is Russia doing that.

And since we are on the topic, why do you seem to care only about bad stuff Ukraine does, but not Russia?

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