U.N. General Assembly votes to demand that Russia stop war in Ukraine


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While it will be ignored by Russia and either misrepresented or suppressed by their media, nevertheless it stands as a rare and as near to universal as you are like to get at the UN, condemnation of their actions.

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Putin must need attention pretty badly seeing as how he is so willing to ruin his nation's economy, risk an uprising by the citizens of his nation, and be put in the same company many historic pariahs. I hope this ruins him completely. I hope the Russian people do rise up against him and his regime.

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As of Russia cares what the UN says or thinks.

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So far many, if not most of the UN's resolutions have been "toothless".

Yes, we already know that General Assembly resolutions are meaningless from the many that have been issued against Israel.

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Now, what is interesting is who's willing to take the economic hit of joining in on the sanctions, and who's not willing to take whatever hit the US is going to impose on those who didn't fall to and salute on order.

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Even if Putin stops and withdraws the Russian military, maintain the sanctions until the war crimes trials are completed and Russia has a new government . . . then and only then. This is disgusting.

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