U.N. expert says North Korea's rights abysmal despite summits


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Hahahaha. Trump's love interest Kim is still a brutal dictator despite Trump's praise. What an imbecile Trump is; his supporters are imbeciles also.

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With Russia and China already making money in North Korea and with the likelihood of both making even more; with Russia and China also having hideous human rights records; with Trump's America caring two nothings about human rights in the US or anywhere; with Trump's US and global 'elite' supporters standing to make money off North Korea; with Trump unable and unwilling to stand up to either Russia or China, look for Kim to become even stronger and his abysmal approach to human rights unchanged.

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Quintana recalled that in his previous job as U.N. investigator in Myanmar, he raised alarm about "crimes against humanity" being committed by the military during that country's political transition in 2012 but his concerns were put aside.

Why he doesn't mention about the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA name which attacked and massacred innocent Buddhist and Hindu villagers?

Around 100 Hindu children, women and men were massacred by the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA for refusing to covert Islam religion. 7 Hindu women were forced to convert Islam religion and one underage girl was married off tothe Bengali Muslim man who was a follower of the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA.

The UN was not willing to tell the truth about the Rakhine State's crisis and the UN was covering up the truth about the ongoing crisis in the Rakhine State, Myanmar.

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UN experts or whomever is opining now.., it is much too early to even gather data and evaluate to see any changes to occur. Things DO NOT CHANGE "immediately" or even "soon" socially or politically just because the leaders met and decided on "one" issue"... which was to stop nuclear armaments and missiles. There were no announcements or commitments for anything else.

To ASSUME... means one thing.., and to "expect" something other than what the meeting was intended... is self-serving and presumptuous.

UN could do NOTHING with NK. Now they want to "blame" the ONLY person ever to get close enough to NK to meet and discuss issues and get one important agreement, is outrageous. Nothing that UN did in the past ever got "immediate" results.

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