U.N. human rights chief asks China to rethink Uyghur policies


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Hey China - Human rights doesn't have borders. They apply everywhere.

Beijing leaders knew and supported China’s Xinjiang region Uighur detainees suffering in detention camps. Https:// has content showing images of 2,884 detainees, training images and Powerpoint documents for security drills, and speeches and directives from top government officials.

Xinjiang Police Files

Unprecedented evidence from internal police networks in China’s Xinjiang region proves prison-like nature of re-education camps, shows top Chinese leaders’ direct involvement in the mass internment campaign.

CCP, if you are going to lie, you need to be a bit smarter. There are so many leaks by regular Chinese citizens seeing everything and thinking it is wrong.

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The UN once had bite, now they just bark

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If the west was serious about holding China accountable they would be doing everything possible to end their imports from China which supports the Chinese economy and its military/police state. Maintaining high levels of trade with China mocks any attempt at accountability. Talk's cheap. Action matters.

The files include a 2017 internal speech by Chen Quanguo, a former Communist Party secretary in Xinjiang, in which he allegedly orders guards to shoot to kill anyone who tries to escape, and calls for officials in the region to "exercise firm control over religious believers"

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Making the criticism against China weaker than before in the Uyghur topic gives the opposite message than what it should be. Unfortunately this is a case where pressure should be applied but the UN (or any single country) can't do anything about it.

At this point probably anything that could have been done to stop the abuse from part of the Chinese government by other countries and international organizations has already been tried and it has been completely unsuccessful, so if something else is going to be tried it needs to be more forceful or else recognize defeat and just make sure the international community do not forget this human rights transgression.

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Expectations for this expedition were slight-to-non existent from the very beginning. All too easy to see that it fully and freely met those expectations. Pity. But, hey! the World tried, right? Back to business as usual, right?

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This is preparation propaganda for what’s coming next for China. I bet she has never been to Gaza or Gauntomo Bay.

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UN human rights chief asks China to rethink Uyghur policies:

This report from Japan Today does not seem to be compatible with that from Global Times.

It does not matter. After all, different media have dissimilar concerns, focuses & objectives.

Such thing happens everyday, everywhere..

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If their treatment of the Uyghurs is fine, then Xi and 20 other CCP leaders should spend a week in the same conditions "undercover."

Global Times is a CCP mouthpiece in English, saying only what the CCP wants people outside China to know. We know they don't reflect all Chinese people, since stories are all approved by the CCP before publication (unless they make a mistake, which does happen) thanks to the Great Translation Movement. With TGTM, people who don't read/speak Mandarin can see exactly what the most popular social network posts in China say: Since the CCP-Chinese can remove/filter anything they don't like inside China, we know these social network posts are approved.

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Global Times media bias report:

Overall, we rate Global Times Questionable based on the promotion of Pro-Chinese Government propaganda. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to bias by omission and failed fact checks.

Whereas Japan Today media bias report:

Overall, we rate Japan Today Left-Center biased based on editorial positions that moderately favor the left. We also rate them High for factual reporting due to a clean fact check record.

JT and GT are very, different, news, sources.

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