U.N. says no vaccine to be endorsed before it's safe and effective


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Makes sense. How about insuring the drug firms who make them stand liable for side effect while ya at it!

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Good on the WHO.

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U.N. says no vaccine to be endorsed before it's safe and effective

We know who has WHO in their hip pocket. When China makes the announcement of a "safe and effective" vaccine, you can be sure WHO will be the first to endorse.

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The Lancet just published their study of the Russian vaccine.

100% effective and no serious side effects recorded.

That's about the results that's a month ago, based on just 76 participants, and just based on immune response alone (which would not generally be an adequate basis for approving a vaccine on global standards) - that's why they called it "Phase 1/2"

The current Phase 3 with 40,000 of participants is still ongoing

If ya guys wanna read it, here's the link:

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On the 'controversial' Russian vaccine, as someone else noted, the phase 1 and 2 trials were indeed passed to full international standards, with the data submitted to a peer reviewed journal of the top class when all the media hoopla about it being approved for the large scale trials, and the planned date for general use announced 'without any data having been produced' broke out.

And every individual government (and now the collective international) effort at developing a Covid19 vaccine has been following the same telescoped, but not truncated, schedule, with the several month long process of breeding enough vaccine feedstock occurring simultaneously with the several month long process of the phase 3 trials, because the governments all did the same basic math and concluded that the monetary losses involved in the breeding of a vaccine feedstock that had to be thrown away because it failed to pass phase 3 trials were less than the monetary and human costs of the several month delay involved in the usual timeline where the breeding of the feedstock would only happen after the the phase 3 trials had been concluded.

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