Under virus strain, Europe's leaders plead at U.N. for unity


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for countries to reinvent international cooperation.

Totally agree. But the world is controlled by the Chinese, Russian and US empires, none willing to co-operate for the good of those outside their areas of control, each continuing its efforts to have even greater control.

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Without the US as a guide for democracy, the Europeans just to do it for themselves. Note how Trump threw his immature rants and chucked Starburst fruit chews on a desk like the spoiled baby that he is.

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Plea for unity = one world government.

Vade, retro me, Satana

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Other leaders called for boosting the WHO's powers and its funding.

What they are really asking for is the U.S. to pay. Why don't they demand China, who is responsible for the whole mess in the first place, to pay up as reparations?

Without the US as a guide for democracy

LOL. U.S. as a "guide for democracy"? All along you guys consider the US as an Imperialist Fascist country and hardly a representative of "democracy". But when money is needed, now you look upon the U.S. as a "guide for democracy"

Plea for unity = one world government

Governed by which political ideology? Isn't that what the UN is supposed to be? But they haven't been successful in getting cooperation from China, Russia and U.S. in world unity, have they?

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