Unionists walk out of Northern Ireland peace talks


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Once the Brits end the occupation of Northern Ireland peace will breakout and all will be right in the Irish world.

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What a ludicrous post, obviously by somebody with zero understanding of the problem.

The UK would gladly ditch Northern Ireland. As long ago as 1990 the UK gov said it had no "selfish strategic or economic interest" in Northern Ireland.

The majority of the protestants in NI, who've lived there for hundreds of years, don't wish to join a catholic Ireland. So how can the problem be solved? Deport all these people to Britain? Remove all security and let the protestants and catholics kill each other again? Walk away, say 'you're on your own' and let them fight it out?

Personally, I think the Orange Order are a bunch of bigoted dinosaurs who cause most of the problems by whipping up sectarianism. I think if they were dealt with somehow, the future would be bright. And who knows... perhaps the majority in NI would eventually be ok with reuniting with the rest of Ireland.

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