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United by fear of China, Hong Kongers stage record march

By Jerome Taylor and Elaine Yu

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People in Hong Kong are correct to fear undemocratic, tyrannical China.

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Only criminals and terroists are afraind of laws.

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Only criminals and terroists are afraind of laws.

And innocent people that live in undemocratic, tyrannical countries that have closed "justice" systems like China.

10 ( +11 / -1 )

China is a police state ruled by an imperialistic authoritarian regime. It's about as undemocratic as you can get. Their goal is to slowly grind Hong Kong into submission - and it won't stop there.

9 ( +10 / -1 )

We're with you, HK. Hopefully, one day, it will have a trickle effect and spread into the mainland.

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But even by Hong Kong's track record for eye-catching protests, Sunday's demonstration against the city government's plans to allow extraditions to the mainland was historic.

Sure It was and probably the biggest at least in Asia when compared to it's population

2015 France Anti-terrorism demonstration 3.7million over 67million population

2016 South Korea Candle demo protesting then-president Park 1.0million over 51 million population

2019 HongKong protesting extradition-law 1.03million over 7.4 million population

2020 HongKong Demonstration for independence 4million over 7.4 milion population

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Only criminals and terroists are afraind of laws.

"Laws" are a favorite tool of dictators and repressive regimes.

So, @Akie, if the law made it illegal to read Japan Today, would you choose to read it and be a "criminal" under the law? Or would you obey the law and submit to thought control?

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As China tightens its grip on Hong Kong watch the exodus of Hong Kongers to other parts of the world - Australia and Canada seem favourites at the moment.

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I guess the Chinese finally realized that the one country two systems posed a great danger to the mainland.

If people want freedom in HK what stops them for asking the same in China.

So they start dismantling the freedoms of HK slowly, step by step.

I feel for the people of HK..

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Stand strong Kongers. We can only provide emotional support from outside HK, but we're with you. This is as important a fight as ever - this will set a precedent for years to come.

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How much is organising these demonstrations is it costing the CIA? How much has organising similar demonstrations in Venezuela costing the CIA?

Um, look at the sheer numbers of people on the streets. Also, have you ever actually talked to someone from Hong Kong? No one needs to organize these demonstrations, the HKers are more than willing to do it on their own. Look at the Umbrella protests just a couple of years ago.

Occam's razor mate. Why risk the blowback from creating a protest in a foreign nation, when the people of that nation will do it without the external influence?

Your conspiracy theory is a little loony mate, it falls apart with a little common sense.

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Even if by some miracle they can stop this amendment to the law today, in 2047 China will be in complete control of HK and they can just revise whatever laws they want. Makes you wonder whether it was kinder of the UK to just revert completely to China in 1997, rather than allowing people 50 years of ongoing angst under one country two systems...

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China is going to  extradite people within their own nation, the US wants to  extradite Julian Assarge from the UK.

One nation, one law.

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