United Technologies sent military copter tech to China


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I can't believe this company and its subsidiaries are only being fined!

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These companies need to be black-listed, their executives sent to prison, and the fines.

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isn't this treason? I mean they were selling secret military technology illegally. fines are against exporting bananas against embargo

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U.S. authorities said China had been trying to develop a specialized modern military attack helicopter since the 1980s. But since the Chinese government’s 1989 crackdown on the pro-democracy movement, the U.S. government has prohibited the export to China of U.S. defense equipment and technology.

And how does the US know this? Oh thats right because the US had a deal with China to provide them attack helicopters and missiles and China had received permission to license build US anti tank missiles going back to 1988. This was cancelled after the 1989 crackdown though. So its ok for the US to export helicopters and missiles to China when it suits them.

I wonder when the rest of the court cases will be? Afterall the Chinese helicopter is essentially made up of parts from other helicopters already in service around the world, the GPS systems are from the EU, the night vision equipment is a copy of whats used in the AH-64, the radar is Russia, the transmission from the UK, and the gun is a reverse engineer of a US weapon. Good old China and its reverse engineering hey....

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This all sounds very,very fish! But as we know $$$$$ talks and BS walks.

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Pratt & Whitney Canada pleaded guilty to violating a U.S. export control law?

Canada's provinces are to the USA what the Eastern Bloc was to the USSR.

Washington fiddles and Ottawa dances.

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Kaz: Pratt & Whitney Canada is a subsidiary for the Connecticut company Bridgeport. Both of which were found to be involved, as well as a second subsidiary (doesn't make clear where it's based).

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Seems everybody's trying to steal from the United States, hahaha.

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Just even things out by authorizing sales of military goods (destroyers, fighters) to Taiwan and Philippines. It'll be good for US industries and also work to better stabilize the SE Asia sector.

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Just put them in jail. Fixing the company makes them trim benefits from the workers who did not make the decisions.

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Bah....iPad auto-correct.... "Fining them" (not "fixing them") makes the people at the top take more from the people at the bottom. Make the decision-makers put their asses on the line for knowingly breaking the law.

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This all about US (and many other foreign companies for that matter) willing to sell their soul to get access to the Chinese market.

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This is definately not a news worth in paper! Since Colonel H.S Tsien, the Chinese scientist from US deflected to China help making China's first nuclear bomb, China has taken something from America's invention more deadly than ever in human history!

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