University of Nevada gunman was unemployed professor who had 150 rounds of ammunition and target list, police say


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While there is of course no excuse for murder, this point is something we should be thinking about more:

He also seemed obsessive over anonymous student reviews at the end of each semester, Whittington said.

The ability of customers to anonymously complain about things without the person being complained about being able to know who the complainer is, and thus unable to work out any kind of compromise or mutual understanding with the complainer, has long been a societal problem in Japan and now with the rise of anonymous Google and Amazon reviews, it's becoming a problem in the West too.

These days if you're not happy, you don't have to talk to the manager of the restaurant, or the hotel, or the professor; you can say anything you want about them, safe in a cocoon of anonymity, particularly online. Being evaluated is stressful for even people with great mental fortitude, and now every small business, every teacher, everyone selling their old knickknacks on eBay, is being rated, with complainers (because in both business and in schools, they're the paying customers) generally being favored if a dispute arises.

Ever see that episode of Black Mirror, "Nosedive"? We're not there yet, but we're on the way. We're going to see more people snap and go on violent rampages the way things are going.

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A shocking story. He should have been enjoying a comfortable retirement at his age. Whatever happened to the American dream?

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There is no American dream when nearly everyone can access firearms.

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Happens professionally and socially all the time in every field, including academia.

Polito may have felt basically condemed to die an impoverished professor and so (in his mind) was simply returning the favor.

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GuruMickToday 05:43 pm JST

There is no American dream when nearly everyone can access firearms.

An incomprehensible statement but to be expected from the jealous.

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A legally owned firearm, as usual.

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Yep...I'm "jealous "...about what exactly ...?

Because I cant access a gun ?

Ooh...I feel so inadequate

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Unemployed at 67 years old. I am not sure "unemployed" is the word, but what word is there? Indigent?

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Maybe he was unemployable. Higher education turns out people who are unable or unwilling to work for anyone else. Insufferable.

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Well, USA, doing nothing about rampant gun violence didn't work. Any other bright ideas?

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Chronicle of an American "dream"..

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Addressing the issue of false reviews, many of the supposedly 'student' evaluations were written by the 67-year-old college professor himself, and gushed effusively over his wonderfully effective (but eccentric) teaching style. However, in reality several students have reported that he spent half of every class talking about his visits to Las Vegas...

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A self-important loser with a grudge and a gun.

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My dog, there is so much hate and violence, coupled with anyone can get a gun, what can go wrong. Expect something similar very soon.

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Expect something similar very soon.

UNLV is right next to the hood. Pretty much guaranteed.

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There is no American dream when nearly everyone can access firearms.

Firearms are the great American dream.

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