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Up to 70% of Shanghai population infected with COVID: top doctor

By Hector Retamal and Laurie Chen

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Lockdowns and other extremely costly measures were put in order around the world to get the time to protect the population, China choose to make those temporary measures the only thing they did for close to two years even when international experts clearly warned this disaster would happen, thousands over thousands of preventable deaths happening because the CCP choose to act against the medical consensus.

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I agree with you but come on, the CCP officials didn’t choose anything. Not like they were given a choice anyway. President Xi chose to act against the medical consensus. That’s what happens when you have an authoritarian boss who can’t discern international realities from his own ideological BS. I would compare Xi to Putin but at least Xi’s ideological BS didn’t start any international armed conflicts.

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My Niece (from the US) is fully vaccinated, and whilst paying a visit to her Mother in Shanghai, caught COVID this week, likewise her Mother caught it too, and she too is fully vaccinated though using the Chinese version. The Elderly in-Laws, thankfully, with whom they're staying, didn't pick it up, and they're unvaccinated too.

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China did protect their population.

No they didn't. Shielded the population is the right term. There is a HUGE difference between protected and reality.,

Such reports and statistics this far in the pandemic is a disgrace. Shame on the (ever so quiet) fanboyz tut-tut.

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Well... I simply stated fact from a real situation that exists today, rather than making something up just to be able to write it here, in order to elicit a reaction or suit an agenda. I made no suggestion otherwise, other than stating fact.

Just like Yesterday a Japanese Elderly man died of COVID in China, and yesterday the CCP reported that there was only 1 Death from COVID...

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No Chinese until they get their numbers under control, please.

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They offer protection against but do not fully protect from catching covid.

Some are better than others.China did admint theres was only 50%

If you catch covid and you have had a vaccine and boosters, then the effects of covid is reduced.


Now there is 10s of millions of chinese moving about China and going abroad, there is a chance of a new varent appearing and being spread.

The health systems in rual China will be past their breaking point when there is mass covid infections in the rual areas as ones go visiting for the first time in over 2 years.


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Are we really surprised?

China admits its Covid deaths are 'huge' and 70% of Shanghai's 25m residents have been infected as Beijing threatens retaliation against Western nations over restrictions on air passengers.

Hospital corridors are full of covid patients. Crematoriums in the city of Suzhou cannot deal with the demand numbers. The morgues are full.

Yesterday China's president Xi Jinping, admitted the mistakes of his draconian zero-Covid policy which failed to contain the virus.

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